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Rumanian Food


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Rumanian Food

  1. 1. Rumanian food ! Poftă bună !
  2. 5. Urd ă kind of soft cheese – excellent !
  3. 12. This cake was made by me ! Pr ăjitura asta este producţie proprie !
  4. 26. CTC - control tehnic de calitate ! Let ’s check if it is OK !
  5. 30. Felicia’s famous cherry pie. Pr ă jitura cu vi ş ine special ă a lui Felicia .
  6. 33. This is a very interesting story. Felicia baked a cherry cake . She added the cherries to the other ingredients, put everything in the oven and baked it. When we cut the cake , this is what we saw ! What a surprise ! O întîmplare ca-n pove ş ti ! Felicia a f ă cut un cake cu vi ş ine ! A ad ă ugat vi ş inele , le-a amestecat c u celelalte ingrediente ş i a pus la cuptor. C î nd am t ăiat prăjitura.... Surpriză !
  7. 34. 2 January 2009