My Peru (nx power-lite)


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An exciting trip !

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  • Dear Noemi, your Peru is also mine, please have a look at my works about Cuzco & Sacred Valley
    Very interesting to watch and enjoy your photos

    Well done!!
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  • Dear Noemi, I enjoyed very much this trip. Peru is one of the Countries where I would have liked to go. Thanks for sharing and kisses.
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  • Foarte frumos pps,nici nu ma mai mir ,nu te dezminti de loc de face un adevarat reportaj
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  • Beautiful holiday destination...Wonderful Noemi ! ...and nice music. Thanks . Hugs Bernard :-))
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  • Wonderful dear Noemi, I thank you for this well done presentation with photos from my country. I´m happy you enjoyed your visit, you are welcome anytime.
    Kisses from your peruvian friend Frida
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My Peru (nx power-lite)

  1. 1. My Peru
  2. 2. Lima
  3. 3. This plane took us to….
  4. 4. … the Nasca lines
  5. 5. The “ astronaut “
  6. 6. The dune “ Wakachina “ seen from the plane
  7. 7. Islas Ballestas ( Ballestas Islands) These spectacular islands, eroded into many caves and arches, provide shelter for thousands of seabirds and hundreds of sea - lions . The continual droppings from 150 bird species such as cormorants, Humboldt penguins, boobies and pelicans brought to the development of a profitable extraction industry that exports guano throughout the world for use as fertilizer . The Peruvian Guano is considered very good due to the special weather and ocean currents. Peru Travel & Tours Pictures & Photos, Ballestas Islands
  8. 11. Come to “ Noemis “
  9. 12. Our bathroom in the lodge in the jungle.
  10. 14. I am resting after a long walk in the jungle.
  11. 15. After 3 km of walking, we got to Lake Sandoval. The walk in the rain forest is hard – it is very hot, humid, there is not enough oxygen to breath, not enough water to drink. These were definitely the longest 3 km in my life ! But then, we got to this lake ! Paradise ! It was so peaceful that I even forgot we had to go back another 3 km !
  12. 16. So quiet , peaceful , amazing !
  13. 17. Friendly school girls in Cusco
  14. 18. Folklore evening in Cusco
  15. 19. Koricancha – Cusco The Temple of the Sun ( Templo del Sol ) was the most sumptuous temple in the Inca Empire. Koricancha means " courtyard of gold " in Quechua. The temple had a garden of gold, with golden corns, trees, butterflies, llamas .
  16. 21. The walls of the temple are trapezoidal with a vertical inclination which is typical in Inca architecture, the stones are perfectly joined, there is no space between them .
  17. 22. Sacsayhuaman – try to pronounce it like “ Sexy woman “
  18. 23. Cusco seen from the hill.
  19. 26. The Feast of the Assumption Every year, on August 15 th , Virgin Mary( Maria) is carried out of the cathedral for a walk around the city. People are bringing her white lilies and the gown with which they will dress her for the tour of the city.
  20. 27. Sacred valley – Urubamba valley
  21. 28. The market in Pisaq
  22. 29. The festival with Maria
  23. 30. The cathedral in Pisaq
  24. 31. Musicians, masked people, tourists ,all together are following the statue.
  25. 33. Machu Picchu
  26. 34. How small we are ! Sun set seen from Machu Picchu
  27. 35. We were on the mountain very early in the morning trying to catch the sun rise, but unfortunately there was bad visibility.
  28. 37. On our way to Bolivia
  29. 38. Breathtaking view !
  30. 39. Our hotel seen from Lake Titicaca
  31. 40. Visiting Isla los Uros Tupiri , one of the floating islands of the Uros
  32. 41. The Uros use bundles of dried totora reed to build the island and the boats.
  33. 42. Walking on the island is like walking on a water bed !
  34. 44. About 500 stairs down from Taquile island to the ship that was waiting for us .
  35. 46. Personal photos All the photos were scanned ( I had no digital camera then ),thus the quality is not very good. Music : Spirit Of The Inca, Otavaleno Good bye ! June 10