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Complete Streets Chatham - Susan Blickstein


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Complete Streets Chatham - Susan Blickstein

  1. 1. 2013 NJ Complete Streets Summit The Importance of Context in Institutionalizing a Local Complete Streets Policy: Chatham Borough Case Study Susan G. Blickstein, PP/AICP, PhD 10/21/2013
  2. 2. Overview • • • • Funded by ANJEC Grant Steering Committee Policy Plan Importance of local CONTEXT in plan and policy preparation and implementation
  3. 3. Chatham Borough • Southeastern Morris County • 2.4 square miles/9,000 residents • Built-out community with downtown core • RETROFIT IN DEVELOPED CONTEXT (ROW constraints).
  4. 4. Key Elements of Policy Plan: More than a Resolution • Vision Statement & Goals • Policy Language (Resolution) • Complete Streets Measures – general design guidance based on local context • Educational Program Recommendations • Roadway Project Checklist • Performance Measures
  5. 5. Vision Statement “ Develop strategies, policies and goals that promote individual and community health and sustainability through the provision of transportation options that encourage physical activity while preserving and enhancing the existing assets of Chatham Borough.”
  6. 6. Select Goals – CONTEXT • Building on the historic, mixed-use downtown of Chatham, plan pleasant and accessible places to walk, cycle, and access transit. • Enhance current walking and bicycling opportunities through improvements that expand existing safe routes to destinations. • Promote walking, bicycling and transit use through consideration of specific street safety needs of children, older adults, and people with disabilities in new and retrofit projects, especially those projects at and near schools, community facilities, transportation hubs, and the downtown.
  7. 7. Select Goals - CONTEXT • Ensure that complete streets projects reflect and consider the environmental, cultural, and historic context of the Borough. • Promote outreach and education to all street users regarding mutual respect and rules of the road in a multi-modal environment. • Implement the complete streets policies to support other local initiatives such as Sustainable Jersey certification and SRTS. • Involve residents and business owners in promoting walking and cycling locally. • Seek public input via surveys for certain types of projects.
  8. 8. Local Checklist – Streets/Crossings/Sidewalks
  9. 9. Local Checklist – Streets/Crossings/Sidewalks
  10. 10. Local Checklist - Use • Insert checklist
  11. 11. Local Checklist – Contextual Factors
  12. 12. Local Checklist - Safety
  13. 13. Performance Measures 1. Safety & Use 2. Improved Accessibility for Users of All Ages & Abilities 3. New Infrastructure and/or Retrofitted Streets 4. Consideration of Historic & Environmental Resources 5. Education Events & Community Outreach 6. Implementation of Sustainable Jersey Certification Actions 7. Funding Support and Cost/Benefit Analysis.
  14. 14. hatham/Plans-Reports/Complete %20Streets%20Policy%20Plan %203-21-2012.pdf
  15. 15. Related Efforts that Reinforce CS Policy • • • • Local Traffic Committee SRTS Efforts Ordinance Changes Checklist– Complete Streets measures included in recent maintenance and reconstruction projects Susan G. Blickstein PP, AICP, PhD