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Angular js - 10 reasons to choose angularjs


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A presentation made for the AngularJS-ILl that took place in july 2014 at Google TLV Campus (
its an overview angularjs features from an architact perspective.
this slideshow contain a link for reference code.

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Angular js - 10 reasons to choose angularjs

  1. 1. 10 Reasons to choose AngularJS
  2. 2. it`s like marriage... Choosing a Framework
  3. 3. You used to be in charge. it`s going to change. Inversion of control
  4. 4. First, let`s make it clear. Framework vs Library
  5. 5. Library A set of function that you call. Each function does some work, and returns the control back to you. You Are in Charge.
  6. 6. Framework Has a behaviour built in. we plug-in into it, register our classes and the framework code is calling our code in a point in time. You are not in charge.
  7. 7. “ The framework often plays the role of the main program in coordinating and sequencing application activity. This inversion of control gives frameworks the power to serve as extensible skeletons. The methods supplied by the user tailor the generic algorithms defined in the framework for a particular application. “ -- Ralph Johnson and Brian Foote
  8. 8. Let`s see what angularJS Has to offer Wear the architect Hat!
  9. 9. I want my application to be able to grow. I want to add features painlessly. Modularity
  10. 10. In angular, we can organized our code into module objects which can depend on each other. it`s make our code cleaner and modular. Building blocks we can add, replace, update or even parallel develop modules.
  11. 11. I want to write code that i can reuse. I want to share components across projects. Reusability
  12. 12. We can pack our code in modules and share them across apps. Angular components are just POJO`s, we can use them in any javaScript project. Reusable Components which makes our maintenance work more efficient.
  13. 13. I want to understand what's going on in my app just by reading the code. Readability
  14. 14. Angular directives enable us to develop in a declarative style that is very readable. Because angular development is done in plain javaScript, we can keep it clean and effective. Declarative code style Directives enable designers to develop without writing code.
  15. 15. I want to plug-in functionality into existing project easily. Embeddable
  16. 16. Thanks to the concept of root Scope, angular app can run only in a limited section on the page. 3rd party libraries are welcome. Play nice with others We can wrap any 3rd party library in a directive to keep our loose coupling to the view
  17. 17. I want me and my team to get started quickly as possible. Learning Curve
  18. 18. AngularJS embrace web standards, which we already know.. ● HTML - used for templates. ● CSS - used for Animations & other internal work ● JavaScript - just plain javaScript. no need to inherit from proprietary types. code can be reused. New technologies?
  19. 19. I want to perform tests with minimum effort Testable
  20. 20. Angular designed to be testable. Thanks to a good separation of logic from view, and the dependency injection system, code can be easily isolated for testing. Testing is easy Angular provides us ready to use mocks to make it even easier.
  21. 21. I want to add funcullity to the framework. I want to replace parts of the components with my own. Extendable
  22. 22. AngularJS built on the concept of directives. The angular team expose us the same API they use to develop directives. Give me your API! Which means that we can extend & replace core directives easily.
  23. 23. Angular packed with a collection of core services. we can use decorators to wrap them and add custom features What about services? We can completely override core services, or delegate to them.
  24. 24. I want to choose my own folder structure. I want to model my data my way. Flexibility
  25. 25. Angular do not force us to a certain folder structure. Data models are not predefined. there are no conventions restricts. I'm the architect! Which means that we have the freedom to choose what's fits us.
  26. 26. I want to meet and learn from people who using the same framework. Community
  27. 27. Not at all! angular is HOT. Meetups, Forums, LinkedIn groups and much more.. Are we alone? google trends angularjs-il stackoverflow
  28. 28. And the community take advantage of this to extend angular and create custom tools. After all, it`s open-source The ionic framework is a great example:
  29. 29. I want a variety of learning resources for me and my team. Resources
  30. 30. Angular documentation has become really easy to read and understand so it`s a good place to start. Choose your media But thats not all...
  31. 31. Dozens of books have already been written on angularJS. My top 3 AngularJS books: ● ng-book by Ari Lerner ● AngularJS Directives by Alex Vanston ● build your own angularJS by Tero Parviainen AngularJS Books
  32. 32. Countless videos are out there.. My top 2 angularJS videos sites: ● codeschool - a complete free course ● - 127 (and counting) angular lessons AngularJS Videos
  33. 33. Endless online resources are there just a click-away.. My top 2 angularJS online sources: ● ng-newsletter - delivered weekly ● - angular news and more.. ● angular blog - useful and contain great links AngularJS On-line
  34. 34. Grab the code:
  35. 35. Thank You!