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Lazy angular w/ webpack


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A brief introduction to code-splitting in Webpack and async module loading in Angular

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Lazy angular w/ webpack

  1. 1. Lazy Angular with Webpack Rich Snapp <>
  2. 2. CommonJS require Is easy
  3. 3. Async require Is sometimes useful
  4. 4. Webpack Allows us to use these modules in the browser Supports both CommonJS and AMD Supports loaders (load more than just Javascript)
  5. 5. Ways to use CommonJS with Angular 1. require() a factory function 2. require() an angular module 3. require() javascript that extends an existing app
  6. 6. Ways to use CommonJS with Angular
  7. 7. Extending an Angular app after bootstrap for lazy-loading
  8. 8. Let’s see some demos checkout “sync” and “async” tags a simple wrapper around angular.module
  9. 9. Code splitting Happens automatically in Webpack with async requires Most commonly implemented at client-side router but can happen anywhere an async action can occur, such as in event handlers or during directive life-cycles. Can also be specified with multiple entry points Can be optimized with additional Webpack plugins
  10. 10. Other mentions How Works