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Everything about-mobile-app-development


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This eBook contains all the information about mobile app development and its process. It also tells interesting facts about smartphone apps and how to develop them effectively. Download this eBook here:

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Everything about-mobile-app-development

  2. 2. Do you Know How much Time does it take to develop a Native Mobile App? 1
  3. 3. It takes almost 18 Weeks to fully Develop & Publish a Native Mobile App. 8 Weeks to build the Front End 10 Weeks to build the Back End
  4. 4. Basic App Development Process 2 Convert your creative App Idea into Reality
  5. 5. • Define a clear Goal and Mission of your mobile app. • Create Mockup or Prototype of your app Idea and Features. Initial Development Process
  6. 6. Back End Development Process 1. Describe the back end structure Set up the entire back end and create a building block 2. User management Manage user accounts and their authentication Have you Completed the Initial Steps? Let’s Create the Backend
  7. 7. 3. Server Side Logic Define server side logic to create an entire backbone of the app 4. Define user experience Decide how the user will navigate through the entire app Back End Development Process Done with the User management? Lets implement the Server Side Logic
  8. 8. 5. Data Integration Define how the user will integrate with 3rd party website 6. Push Notification Develop Push Notification for user engagement Back End Development Process Now, complete the Last Steps of Back End Development
  9. 9. Have You completed the Back End? Great! Lets, create the Front End Front End Development Process
  10. 10. Front End Development Process How Your App Should Look Like? 1. Data Caching Improve the speed of the app by storing the data locally 2. Data Synchronization Develop Push Notification for user engagement
  11. 11. Front End Development Process Have Completed Synchronization? Now create the User Interface 3. Create Mockups Clearly define the UI picture of the app 4. Design and Develop User Interface Design a User friendly User Interface and implement in the app
  12. 12. Front End Development Process Developed the UI? Now, Be prepared to Deploy the App 5. UI Improvement Make Improvements in UI where needed 6. Testing and Deployment Check for the bugs and errors and remove them to create a perfect app.
  13. 13. Great, You have completed all the App Development Steps Now, It’s the time to Deploy The App
  14. 14. Total Hours to Build an App3 Do you know, How many Hours an app takes to fully develop?
  15. 15. Total Hours to Build an App Not all the apps take similar time to develop, The total hours to develop an app varies “According to the Complexity”. Now you must be thinking , “How many Hours my App will take to Develop”? Let’s Have a Look
  16. 16. Total Hours to Build an App
  17. 17. Hourly Rates to Mobile App Development 4 Hourly Rates of Mobile App Development differ with the Region and Platform
  18. 18. Hourly Rates of Mobile App Development What are the Hourly Rates of developing a mobile app in your region? Don’t know ! Hourly Rates of mobile app development are not equal for all mobile applications, it depends on Mobile Platform as well as Location.
  19. 19. Rates Per Hour (iOS)
  20. 20. Rates Per Hour (Android)
  21. 21. Total Cost to Develop an App 5 Are you thinking about How much my App will Cost?
  22. 22. Total Cost to Develop Mobile App The total overall mobile app development Cost depends on app features, hourly rates, social features, complexity and many more.
  23. 23. Total Cost to Develop Mobile App Simple App cost $3000-$8000 Complex App cost $50,000-$150,000 Gaming App cost $10,000-$250,000
  24. 24. Current App Market Statistics6 Do you know the Current Market Statistics of mobile apps? No, Let’s See…
  25. 25. Current App Statistics Currently there are: 1.6 Million Apps in Android 1.5 Million Apps in iOS By the End of 2016, the total available apps will reach at 2 Million in each store
  26. 26. Revenue by Mobile Apps In 2012, the Global Mobile App revenue was only 18.56 Billion US Dollars. How much revenue is generated by Mobile Apps? In 2017, the Global Mobile App revenue is expected to reach at 76.52 Billion US Dollars
  27. 27. Mobile App Future Predictions 7 What’s new you will see in 2016? Take a Look!
  28. 28. • will be the year of Enterprise Mobile App • Indoor Location service gain traction • Contextual Service emerge and flop • Context and predictive app will surface as the new buzz words • Voice will become more interactive user interface See, what mobile app developers are predicting in this year
  29. 29. • Native Mobile Apps would be preferred • Mobile Customer care will be more important • US mobile payments remains a mess in 2016 • IoT remains an ill-defined yet promising market See, what mobile app developers are predicting in this year
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