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Mobile development process - My view


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Nowadays, 41% of the developers are doing it as their side-jobs. How do we grant quality in this scenario? Shouldn´t we apply some backgroud to this development process going on?

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Mobile development process - My view

  1. 1. Mobile Development Process How to put some more quality on it…
  2. 2. Have you ever? • Received an app totally different from what you requested? • Had a different app behavior than expected? • Some parts of your app does nothing? • Doesn´t work in a live environment? • You are not alone…
  3. 3. Main Ideas • Don´t forget to talk to the customer. • Don´t forget to write what the customer wants…you may need to remenber him. • Don´t forget to explain what you are preparing to deliver to the customer. • Don´t forget to test before showing to the customer. • Don´t forget who is the customer 
  4. 4. What is a mobile App? • It´s a software: then it needs to automate human tasks. • It´s aimed to either reduce our effort in doing things, simply to make it faster. • It´s required that it interacts with the user and with other machines in a intuitive and seamless way.
  5. 5. How to start? • You have an idea: – It may come from a problem – Or even from something that needs to be done many times – Or simply from your idea…. Your idea is the icing on the cake! The automation The problem Your idea!
  6. 6. Then, it´s mobile…what is it? Requirement Specification Architecture Hahá Looks like agile! Simply make it simple and being delivered in small drops, each with it´s own purpose. Mobile solution! Design Development Test
  7. 7. Requirement Spec. Requirement Specification A requirement specification is where you: •Agree with the customer what he wants; •Agree with the developer what he is going to do; •Separate the requirements into drops; •Define infrastructure requirements (Cloud, Design, etc…) Mobile solution!
  8. 8. Architecture Requirement Specification Architecture Design Definition of: •Design (sketches); •Arquitecture; •Interfaces; Development Test
  9. 9. Design Requirement Specification Architecture Definition of: •Design patterns; •Colors (appliance of trademarks, etc..) •Templates and menus; •Usability (user experience!) Design Development Test Mobile solution!
  10. 10. Test (Where is dev?) Requirement Specification Architecture Development is the more common steps! Most developer go straight into it. What to test: •The requirements that where defined! These are the ones to be tested! •Run alone first! •Accept and test with customer! Design Development Test
  11. 11. What´s next? • New material detailing each step! • Coming on next weeks, keep following me on: – Linkedin (Alexandre Nogueira) – Slideshare (this presentation) – Thanks!