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MuscleTraining And Diet Program

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MuscleTraining And Diet Program

  1. 1. ==== ====Check Out The Training to Built Muscle ====You may have never heard of complexes before but instead of doing the same exercise formultiple reps to complete a set, you put together one rep of different exercises to complete a set isbasically what complexes are. Training like this is great to work a extreme amount of musculaturein a short period of time. This workout takes your intensity to a whole new level that you couldnteven imagine. Youll find yourself gasping for air and dripping with sweat just after two or three ofrepeating a set of complexes which is great for your conditioning.Me I like to include 5 exercises in my complexes. I think more than that I would forget what wasnext. If you think you can remember you can add 1 or 2 more. Here one Barbell workout that willdefinitely get you right.EXTREME BARBELL COMPLEX1. High pull the barbell from the floor2. Bring the barbell back to your thighs, then perform a hang clean3. Bring the barbell back to the floor, then perform a clean and jerk4. Bring the barbell back to your thighs, bend over, then bend over row5. Bring barbell back to thighs and perform a Romanian dead lift.The key is to use weight that you can still handle on your weakest lift of the exercise but useenough were you can still challenge yourself. Do this complex 2 or 3 times with no rest in betweenand that will count as 1 set. To challenge yourself even more you can add 1 or 2 more times yourepeat the exercises within a set every week or every other week, or you can add more sets to theworkout before you increase the amount of weight on your barbell. Say you completed thecomplexes 3 times in one set with 135 lbs for 3 set, next time do the complexes 3 times a set for 4sets and so on and so fourth. Then next week add maybe 5 or 10 pounds and go back down to 3sets and build back up.Working out with Kettle bells is also great for you. I recommend just sticking to one kettle bellexercises for right now. This is a great complex to add to your routine maybe once or twice aweek.EXTREME KETTLEBELL COMPLEX1. Do one arm kettlebell swing2. Do one arm kettlebell snatch3. Do one arm kettlebell overhead squat4. Bring the kettlebell back down to the bottom, then one arm kettlbell high pull5. Bring the kettlebell back down to the bottom, then do one arm kettlebell clean and press
  2. 2. Just use the same workout plan I gave you for the barbell complexes. Do everything the same wayas the barbell complexes. just do the one arm exercises with both arms.Just do a different complex every other day. like Monday is barbell complex day and Tuesday iskettlebell complex day and just go on from there until Friday. Maybe for the weekend you can dosprints on Saturday and rest on Sunday and start it all back up on MondayFor more killer full body training routines and a fully comprehensive nutritional analysis fordeveloping the lean chiseled body that youve always wanted, dont miss out on my internationallybest selling program with over 250,000 users in over 155 countries --The Truth about Six Pack Abs. Just go to [] to sign up anddownload a free E-book about the secrets of training and nutrition. it only available for a limitedtime so hurry!!!Article Source: ====Check Out The Training to Built Muscle ====