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What Is New Relic?


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See what New Relic does to make your apps run better and faster.

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What Is New Relic?

  1. 1. What is New Relic? WE MAKE THE WEB A FASTER PLACE BY BUILDING MAGICAL TOOLS FOR PEOPLE WHO BUILD GREAT WEB APPS. New Relic is disrupting the IT tools industry with SaaS-based management and monitoring that web developers love to use. We're proud to announce we’ve raised another $15M to accelerate growth. HOW WE’VE GROWN WHAT GE WEDO Each day we collect 25 BILLION Application Rea! Use, Sew measurements from Pertormance Monitonng Monitoring + apppmcesses We started with App Performance, then added real user monitoring, and recently added server monitoring. The application performance management m a n category needed a kick in the pants. New Relic is innovating at every layer. 1 3 0 00 active clients DAILY IVIETRICS COLLECTED 253 -3, . IIB 33 1M - ACTIVE 1330* . W., -- Mn. .. ACCOUNTS . ,ii. ,.i. .: . » ci_. ~., i 2o1i_i . mi FUNDING 200 3% . P . ijiomtimistoji . (—, ,._»]m; ) 9[—)C¢; , 9— — HI . 1 ‘I l. l. l<| x' mm, QT. E*. .', !‘. ‘.'TY l). ~C) &lgI$rIIpany —IFRG WITH] AD 3 We launched 0 I/ ER Server Monitoriiig on 0 November 8th, 2011 J SERVERS OUR REAL-USER MA NAG UNDER MONITORING VIEWS EMENTI 400,000 PAGE LOADS EVERY MINUTE. ’ The ONLY tool that works with all these languages: “ Our mission is to manage 80% of the world’s web apps. —Lew Cirne, CEO Mashable CUSTOMERS In'IuI'I 4 Zynga Ynruissinii @omcost €; H'i$i“Fo'§. ‘i%’<9f °"°""°" (IE9 I and 13,000 more! wE COULDN’T HAVE , .,ck5,, .,ce(3 GJOUEHI DONE IT WITHOUT ‘acqula GREAT PARTNERS. .. heroku Clgfggges and 50+ more! TIME IT TAKES T0 INSTRUMENT TIME IT TAKES T0 SETUP WITH YOUR WEB APP WITH NEW BELIC: OUR 0N-PREMISE PREDECESSOBS: 3 MINUTES WHY USE NEW RELIC? G01 I'“m8‘d|3I0 I"5'9ht WOTKS EV0FYWhC""3 Multi-Platform Siipport Recommend“! by 99.99% uptirne Clients of all sizes 0 New Relic