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Cooling down naturally


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That’s where Brisbane shutters come in. Although traditionally affixed to the outside of your home, shutters can also make a very attractive feature inside the home as well.

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Cooling down naturally

  1. 1. Cooling Down NaturallyThe sunny climate we enjoy here has one serious downside – it can get very, very hot. We dohave air-conditioners and fans but may be loath to use them because of the cost both in terms ofmoney and the impact on the environment.Preventing the sun from getting into your home, in the first place, is a very effective way to keeptemperatures lower.Shutters and BlindsThat’s where Brisbane shutters come in. Although traditionally affixed to the outside of yourhome, shutters can also make a very attractive feature inside the home as well.They can be wooden – simply varnished for a natural, warm finish or painted for a more tropicalfeel. Either way, they still do a great job of filtering out the direct sunlight whilst still allowing inenough light and air to leave the room feeling spacious and open.Shutters are generally louvred and the tilt can be adjusted according to your own particulartastes.Shutters are also not restricted to windows – they can be used as doors, cupboard doors and roomdividers. They are particularly useful as room dividers providing complete privacy when closedand leaving the room feeling open and airy when pulled back.What Style to Choose?You can choose hinged shutters, bifold shutters or sliding shutters. The choice will depend on thelook you are going for and how much space you have.Sliding shutters are ideal for rooms that are small as you don’t need space to swing them. Theydo require a space to slide into and this can cause problems as well.Hinged shutters are good if you have the space for them to swing and they are the moretraditional type.Bifold shutters are ideal for those areas where you need large shutters, for example, as roomdividers. These are especially good in instances where two hinged shutters would end up beingtoo big and heavy to swing.Shutter MaintenanceA big draw when it comes to shutters is that they are simple to maintain and easy to clean. It’s asimple matter of dusting the blinds regularly and wiping them down every now and then with adamp cloth.
  2. 2. Blinds also age well and, depending on the material used, are less likely to fade or lose theirshape. Buying quality shutters from a reputable company like Newport Custom Shutters andBlinds will guarantee a good looking décor feature for years to come.Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds offer a top quality product. They have perfectly blendedtop quality raw materials with state of the art design to ensure that the shutters producedare superior in form and function.For more information go to website of Newport.