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Testimonial Roy Wynton


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Testimonial of Roy Wynton, Global Expansion Team. Guest speaker in East London, South Africa on 14 May 2011

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Testimonial Roy Wynton

  1. 1. ROY WYNTON, MILNERTON, CAPE TOWN I have a background as a Quantity Surveyor and owned my own building and renovating business. I was looking for an extra income/part time position when I was handed a flyer and attended a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. I got very excited and started immediately. In my first month talking to my family and friends mainly around the Christmas table, I made a profit of R2600.00. Being a keen sportsman I didn’t believe I needed the products but saw the results and got started, I lost a pants size, and gained 3kg’s in my first month and 5 kg’s of lean muscle mass in total.My concentration improved for my golf so much so that I made it into the top 20 on the WesternProvince order of merit in 2010. Doctors told me that I was not supposed to run long distancesbecause of the damage to my knees from previous sporting injuries. I ran my first ComradesMarathon last year (2010) and experienced no joint pain and the muscle recovery was very rapid,and reassured my belief for the products.I attended a Leadership Development Weekend in Sibaya in Feb 2008 in Durban, where I decided totake this opportunity seriously and put a plan of action into place with my sponsor. By the end ofthat month I made R9500 profit.I did the business Part-Time for the first 18months, working 1-2hours a day and earned averageincome of R7500.00 per month. I have developed a passion for helping people to change both theirhealth and financial situations and decided to close my building business in June 2009 and go fulltime with Herbalife.Within the first year I doubled my income.I have built an incredible team of people who share in my passion of helping people with their healthand providing a business opportunity, I now enjoy the freedom and lifestyle.Last month I earned R29 000.00 and now I have just Qualified to the Global Expansion Team in 3short years. January 2011Thank you to my sponsor Shaun Prozesky and HERBALIFE!