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Louwerens and Zantie Swanepoel – GET Team members                                      Louwerens a specialist in Brain Act...
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Louwerens and Zantie Swanepoel


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Herbalife testimonial of Louwerens and Zantie Swanepoel - Global Expansion Team members South Africa

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Louwerens and Zantie Swanepoel

  1. 1. Louwerens and Zantie Swanepoel – GET Team members Louwerens a specialist in Brain Activation and Rehabilitation and Zantie a former Mrs South Africa, Mrs United Nation South Africa 2001, Mrs United Nation International 2001 and Mrs Beauty World 2006 also spokesperson for “Babies Behind Bars” a project she started in 2000, became part of Herbalife in July 2003. They were very excited about the business as they believe in changing people’s lives and adding value to everyone they meet. This business did just that: “Changing peoples lives through health and financial independence”. After researching the business and products by flying to Los Angeles to the Herbalife headquarters in 2003 they returned and grew quickly (in 7 months) and achieved the GET teamlevel and became part of the TAB (top achiever business team) part time. In October 2008 theydecided to do the business full time. They are on their way to the Millionaires Team and even moreexcited about the business and products than ever before.Zantie had great health results and is no longer suffering from Fibromyalgia and a spastic colon.Louwerens started using the products and his sport career excelled and he was chosen for the para-olympic team in cycling in 2004, he also took part in the South African Cycling Championships in April2009 and received one gold and four silver medals.They have 4 children which all love the products and of whom two are already doing the businesspart time. They have a passion for live, people and nations.Their motto: “Changing the world one soul at a time......”