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Navigating the big data landscape


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Published in: Technology
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Navigating the big data landscape

  1. 1. a d v i s o r s mwd helping you create business improvement from IT investment Navigating the Big Data landscape Craig Wentworth Principal Analyst
  2. 2. Big Data’s moonshot program © MWD Advisors 2014 2 Growth of Google, Facebook, etc Cost of memory, hardware, etc Time Pb Amount of data Time to value $ $bn Number of users ms
  3. 3. How Hadoop’s march has dominated Big Data market development © MWD Advisors 2014 3 2004 Google’s MapReduce research paper 2005 Yahoo! develops Hadoop 2013 Hadoop 2 goes GA 2007 Hadoop goes open source at Apache 2011 Hadoop 1 goes GA
  4. 4. Hadoop NoSQL Streaming Data warehouse Specialist sources Big Data’s open source army is about much more than Hadoop, in fact © MWD Advisors 2014 4 PostgreSQL MySQL Drill Spark Storm Samza Accumulo HBase Cassandra Couchbase MongoDB Redis
  5. 5. Different use cases have dramatically different requirements © MWD Advisors 2014 5Extreme Scale Extreme Speed “Everything else” National security, Fraud detection Transport, Utilities management Customer analytics for next best action Predictive maintenance Speed Scale
  6. 6. Different capability clusters are most suited to different use cases © MWD Advisors 2014 6 CEP, Real-time, Streaming databases Hadoop 1 (MapReduce) EDW, Data Marts NoSQL Wide Column Key- Value Document Graph Specialised sources Hadoop 2 and OSS ecosystem Extreme Scale Extreme Speed “Everything else” Speed Scale
  7. 7. Four aspects of delivery models you need to consider © MWD Advisors 2014 7 Licensing model Physical data storage model Operational model Analytics architecture
  8. 8. Things you need to do © MWD Advisors 2014 8 Watch Hadoop Be aware of the shifting boundaries Make sure you can hold it all together
  9. 9. a d v i s o r s mwd helping you create business improvement from IT investment Thank you Any questions? Craig Wentworth @craigwentworth Check out our free reports: Big Data for analytics: Vendor landscape Hadoop: A driving force in the Big Data technology landscape Big Data: What is it and why should I care? Neil Ward-Dutton @neilwd
  10. 10. Hadoop logo (Slides 3, 8) – Intel Free Press ( CC-BY-SA-2.0 Apache Software Foundation logo (Slide 7) – José Carlos Gallego ( CC-BY-SA-3.0 Locker metal security closed steel key hold (Slide 7) – Nemo ( closed-steel-310533/) CC0 Intel SS4000-E Entry Storage Systems, excerpt (Slide 7) – Axel Schwenke ( CC-BY-SA-2.0 Clouds (Slide 7) – Clue ( PD Plus disks (Slide 7) – Open storage pod ( CC-BY-2.0 RAM-Not22233 (Slide 7) – mateusz ( not22233.jpg) CC-BY-SA-3.0 Database symbol (Slide 7) – rg1024 ( PD Signpost (Slide 8) – Succo ( CC0 Piecing it together (Slide 8) – Hans ( CC0 Photo credits © MWD Advisors 2014 (Except images, where indicated) 10