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  1. 1. Sr. No. 000042 Authorised Signatory on behalf of Board of Examiners I. .Date of Issue : 01 ct g ASSET International CERTIFIED COMPUTER COURSES Rbbanceb Bipionta 111 6oftinare Cxport4 Tetbnologie4 This diploma is awarded to N ys had if h m e_d -VI • on the 2 6 - p -r; day of the month in they ear one thousand nine hundred and Ci Road for successfully completing the course from our M centre in the grade Cr) of C w ed' „el Ink o-rcru IRAITPn having its rAnigtArerinftirP at Elite Auto House, 54 A, Sir M Vasanji Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 093. I U uy (•) see on the reverse Ver. 2 /Feb.'98