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Greythorn Technology Market Landscape


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Once a year, Greythorn produce an in-depth Market Report, which draws insights from resposnes to our annual surveys into our canddiate, contractor and client communities.

In this abridged version of the presentation you will find information from this Market Report around in-demand technologies, job activity trends, attitudes towards remuneration, training, work benefits, well as role-specific salary information which offers you, the hiring organisation, a useful compass to navigate the preferences of your current and future employee base.
Greythorn expect the information in the report to shape and influence internal Technology spend, trigger future projects, and devise talent attraction strategies. Greythorn would be delighted to present the full presentation in smaller intimate meetings with individuals, or we can deliver to larger audiences or in your monthly technology team meetings.

Please contact your dedicated and friendly Greythorn Account Manager today to request a meeting or call us on 02 9249 8000.

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Greythorn Technology Market Landscape

  1. 1. Technology Market Landscape Q2 2013 1
  2. 2. Greythorn Overview Market Leader Greythorn is one of the most reputable specialist technology recruitment firms in Australia: y p p gy • Largest Permanent IT recruiter in Australia: >500 IT placements per annum  • Significant Contracting IT specialist supplier: >1000 new engagements placed per annum • Established in 1976 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Chicago, Dublin, London,  Sao Paulo, Seattle and Singapore. Key Differentiators • Vertical specialisation.  We are experts in the professional markets we service. • Premium, value‐based delivery. • Unrivalled consultant depth of experience, industry knowledge & tenure. Awards, Certifications & Memberships 2
  3. 3. Technology Industry Sentiment: The Survey 3
  4. 4. Greythorn Candidate Survey  4
  5. 5. Survey Demographics 5 Source: Greythorn Candidate Survey
  6. 6. Greythorn Hiring Manager Survey  6
  7. 7. Economic Outlook: Candidate & Manager In a significant change from  g g last year Candidates are  more optimistic than Hiring  Managers.  Optimism is also Managers. Optimism is also rising on the candidate side  year on year with 43%  having a positive view of the How are you feeling about the future of the economy? having a positive view of the  economy (36% in 2012). 7 How are you feeling about the future of the economy? Source: Greythorn Candidate and Client Survey
  8. 8. Perceived Job Security: Candidate Job insecurity sits at a record  high with 33% of respondentshigh with 33% of respondents  feeling insecure or very  insecure. How would you rate your job security? 8 y y j y Source: Greythorn Candidate Survey
  9. 9. Perceived Job Security: Candidate How would you rate your current job security? 9 How would you rate your current job security?
  10. 10. Job Seeker Behaviour: Candidate 10 Source: Greythorn Candidate Survey
  11. 11. Job Seeker Behaviour: Manager Perception Only 4% of managers  believe that more thanbelieve that more than  half of their ICT workforce  is looking for work. In  reality over 90% ofreality, over 90% of  candidates are passive job  seekers indicating  managers are not awaremanagers are not aware  of potential retention  issues. What % of IT staff do you believe are actively looking for a  new role or keeping an eye on the market? 11 Source: Greythorn Client Survey new role or keeping an eye on the market?
  12. 12. Hiring Intentions Employers are more bullish compared  to candidates when predicting job p g j growth. What are your hiring intentions over the next 12 months? 12 Source: Greythorn Client Survey What are your hiring intentions over the next 12 months?
  13. 13. Want to know more? What you have just viewed is an abridged version of Greythorn’s comprehensive  IT Market Landscape presentation.IT Market Landscape presentation.   • Check out the full Australian Market Insights & Compensation  Overview 2013‐2014 at:‐surveys/ OR • Scan the QR code below: 13 Source: Greythorn Client Survey
  14. 14. Disclaimer This research was carried out by means of an electronic questionnaire The remuneration tables are supplementedThis research was carried out by means of an electronic questionnaire. The remuneration tables are supplemented  with data and market information that Greythorn has access to. The results are provided as generic market  information only. Greythorn does not make any warranties regarding the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of the  results and information obtained. Greythorn will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of or relating  to use of this information 14 to use of this information.