Ashaabul ukhdood


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Ashaabul ukhdood

  1. 1.  Thestory you are just about to read is the mafhoom (gist) of a Hadith narrated by Hadhrat Suhayb RA. The Hadith can be found in Sahih Muslim Shareef (one of the six most authentic books of Hadith).
  2. 2. Cursed were the People of the Trench,(4) The (people of the) fire that wasrich with fuel, (5) When they weresitting by it, (6) And were watchingwhat they were doing with thebelievers. (7) They punished them fornothing but that they believed inAllah, the All-Mighty, the Worthy ofAll Praise, (8) The One to whom belongsthe Kingdom of the heavens and theearth. And Allah is witness overeverything. (9)
  3. 3. Sometimes there might be just one shortayah in the qur‟an, but there could be avery detailed explanation about it in theHadith of Rasulullah (SAWS).
  4. 4. The Boy andthe King
  5. 5. Once upon a time there was a kingwho had a sorcerer (magician) .When the sorcerer began to growold, he said to the king, “I havebecome old and my time is nearlyover, so please send me a boywhom I can teach magic.” so theking sent a boy and the sorcererbegan to teach him magic.
  6. 6. Whenever the boy went to thesorcerer, he would pass by a monk(a religious person) who was onthe way. The monk would talk tothe boy and the boy reallyadmired his words. So when the boywent to the sorcerer he wouldstop and talk to the monk for awhile. When he would get to thesorcerer, the sorcerer wouldbeat him.
  7. 7. The boy complained about thisto the monk. The monk said tohim, "Whenever you are afraidof the sorcerer, say to him: `Mypeople kept me busy. Andwhenever you are afraid ofyour people, say to them: `Thesorcerer kept me busy.
  8. 8. So the boy continued to do as the monk said fora while. Then a huge terrible creatureappeared on the road and the people wereunable to pass by. The boy said, "Today I shallknow whether the sorcerer is better or themonk is better. So, he took a stone and said, "OAllah! If the deeds and actions of the monk areliked by You better than those of thesorcerer, then kill this creature so that thepeople can cross (the road).„‟ then the boythrew the stone at the creature and killedit, and the people were able to pass by on theroad.
  9. 9. Allah (SWT) does not like magic. Magic isHARAAM (forbidden) in Islam. The boy wasable to kill the creature because Allah(SWT) liked the actions of the monk betterthan those of the sorcerer.
  10. 10. The boy went to the monk andtold him what happened. Themonk said to him, "O my son!Today you are better thanI, and you have achieved what Isee! You will be put to trial.And in case you are put totrial, do not inform (them)about me.
  11. 11. The boy said, "I do not cure anybody;it is only Allah who cures people.So, if you believe in Allah andsupplicate to Him, He will cure you.So, he believed in and supplicated toAllah (SWT), and Allah (SWT) curedhim.
  12. 12. Later, the courtier came to the king and sat atthe place where he used to sit before. The kingsaid, "who gave you back your sight?‟‟ the courtierreplied, "My Lord. The king then said, "I did. Thecourtier said, "No, my Lord and your Lord – Allah.The king said, "Do you have another Lord besidesme? The courtier said, "Yes, your Lord and my Lordis Allah. The king tortured him and did not stopuntil the courtier told him about the boy.
  13. 13. So the boy was brought to the king. The kingsaid to him, “o boy! has your magic reached tothe extent that you cure congenitalblindness, leprosy, and other diseases?‟‟ theboy said, "I do not cure anyone. Only Allah cancure. The king declared that he himself couldcure people. The boy replied, "No. The kingasked, "do you have another lord besides me?‟‟The boy answered, "My Lord and your Lord isAllah. So, he tortured him also until he toldhim about the monk.
  14. 14. So the monk was brought to the king and the kingsaid to him, "Abandon your religion. The monkrefused to leave his religion and so the kingordered a saw to be brought. The saw was placedon the middle of the monk‟s head and his head andthe monk fell and died, sawn into two parts. Then itwas said to the courtier who used to beblind, "Abandon your religion.He refused to leave hisreligion, and so a saw wasbrought and placed in themiddle of his head and hefell and died, sawn in two.
  15. 15. Then the boy was brought and it was said to him,"Abandon your religion. He refused and so the kingsent him to the top of such and such mountain withsome people. he told the people, “climb up themountain with him till you reach its peak, then seeif he abandons his religion; otherwise throw himfrom the top. They took him and when theyascended to the top, he said, "O Allah! Save me fromthem by any means that You wish. So the mountainshook and they all fell down and the boy cameback walking to the king. The king said, " What didyour companions (the people I sent with you) do?The boy said, "Allah saved me from them.
  16. 16. So the king ordered some people to take the boyon a boat to the middle of the sea, saying, "If heleaves his religion (well and good), but if herefuses, drown him. So, they took him out to seaand he said, "O Allah! Save me from them by anymeans that you wish. So Allah (SWT) made themall drown in the sea but saved the boy. Then theboy returned to the king and the king asked,"What did your companions do? The boy replied,"Allah (SWT) saved me from them.
  17. 17. Then the boy said to the king, "Youwill not be able to kill me until youdo as I order you. And if you do as Iorder you, you will be able to killme. The king asked, "And what isthat? The boy said, "Gather thepeople in one elevated place and tieme to the trunk of a tree; then takean arrow from my quiver and say: `Inthe Name of Allah, the Lord of theboy. If you do this, you will be ableto kill me.
  18. 18. So the king gathered the peopleand tied the boy to the trunk of atree. Then he placed an arrow inthe bow and shot it saying, "In theName of Allah, the Lord of the boy.The arrow hit the boy in the temple,and the boy placed his hand overthe arrow wound and died.
  19. 19. The people proclaimed, "Webelieve in the lord of the boy!‟Then it was said to the king, "Doyou see what has happened?That which you feared has takenplace. By Allah, all the peoplehave believed (in the Lord of theboy).
  20. 20. So the angry king ordered thatditches (holes) be dug at theentrances to the roads. When theditches were dug and fires werekindled in them, the king said,"Whoever abandons his religion,let him go, and whoever does not,throw him into the fire.
  21. 21. The believers were struggling inthe fire, until a woman and hersmall baby whom she was feedingmilk came. The woman seemed tohesitate to fall into the fire, soher baby said to her, “be patient,Mother! For verily, you arefollowing the truth!”