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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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  1. 1. Nawal AcademyOnline Education Made Easy
  2. 2. Mission and Philosophy Nawal Academy, an online educational institution, that aims to bring spiritual awakening in the Muslim Ummah. Its series of programs are planned and designed to meet the educational, moral, and spiritual needs of the community in accordance with the Shariah. Nawal Academy’s goal is to infuse the whole of a Muslim personality with the emotional attachment and love to Islam. Students will be taught under the guidance of Islamic scholars who are talented in their fields of studies. Nawal Academy aims to give rise to vibrant and intrinsically motivated Muslims who will be prepared to face the problems in their lives with an Islamic perspective.
  3. 3.  Arabic Grammar, syntax, morphology, speech, and rhethoric  Tajweed(Proper punctuation of the Quran)  Fiqh (Jurispudence)  Usool al Fiqh (Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence)  Hadith  Uloom al-Hadith (Sciences of Hadith)  Hadith Analysis and interpretation  Aqidah (Islamic theology)  Seerah (Prophetic Biography)  Tafseer (Quranic Exegisis)  Usool at tafseer(Principles of exegisis)  Tasawwuf (Islamic science of spirtuality)Our curriculum setup has been organized by Mufti Naval-ur-Rahman (D.B.) and Mufti Ehzaz Ajmeri (D.B.)
  4. 4. WomenFor Men For Women We also provide (Weekends) summer classes in June and July.WEEKENDS- WEEKDAYS- Beginners Awwal Awwal(first (first year) year) class We also provide Basic Islamic Knowledge classes. WEEKDAYS Awwal (first DuwwamSuwwam (third (second year) year) year) WEEKDAYS Suwam(third Hifz year)Quran/Nazirah Chaharum (fourth year) Hifz Quran/Nazirah
  5. 5. He has successfully attained fadhil alim degree from Darul Uloom Deoband.Mashallah he has also completed his ifta course from Darul UloomHyderabad (2010). SahibHe has successfully attained fadhil alim degree from Darul Uloom Deoband.Mashallah he has also completed his ifta course from Darul Uloom Hyderabad(2011).
  6. 6. He has successfully attained d the degree of Fazil Alim from Jamiyah DarulUloom Deoband (2005) He also attained the title of “Shaykul Hadeeth fromJamiyah Islamiyah Mazihurul Uloom Saharanpur (2007).He has successfully attained his fadhil alim degree from Darul UloomHyderabad. Currently he is the assistant secretary at Madinahtul-Uloom. He isalso an Imaam at Islamic Foundation North Libertyville.
  7. 7. He is a grand son of Janab Syed Misbah ul Haq Sahib Rahamatullah. Hestarted his hifz in IIE and successfully completed hifz from MSI in Glendaleheights. Currently he is a junior at Naperville North High School, also he is aHifz teacher at Nawal Academy. “The great level of taqwa and steadfastness to the Sunnah and Shariah that portray their teachers were eventually transformed in their students as well.”
  8. 8.  Mufti Raza ur Rahman Abid Qasmi Sahib Mufti Ata ur Rahman Sajid Qasmi Sahib Shaykul hadeeth Moulana Asad Patel Sahib Moulana Ahmed Ali Hussami Sahib Hafiz Areef S Haq Sahib Alima Mrs. Khalid Qazi Sahiba Alima Mrs.Yaseen Sahiba Alima Bint-e-Lakhi Sahiba Hafiza Bint-e- Subhani Sahiba Bint-e- Azam Sahiba Bint-e- Jabbar Khan Sahiba Bint-e- Choudhry Sahiba Bint-e- Salam Bershad SahibaNawal Academy will hold annual retreats so students can meet theirteachers.
  9. 9. Students also join us fromCanada, and Pakistan.
  10. 10. Authentic Traditional InstructorsLearning environment that reflects on the Islamic ideology.Moderate class paceFlexible- maintain your priorities while still attaining AalimiahdegreeEase of access- conference calls (easy and simple to use) go to meeting (students can attentively focus on class materialthrough the online board and listen to the class lecture throughspeakers.Affordable tuition
  11. 11. “When a man attains knowledge thatknowledge reaches the door of hishome, but when a women attainsknowledge that knowledge illuminatesher home and deeply affects thosearound her.”
  12. 12. Hazrat Malik bin Dinar R.A. states:“The people who love the life ofthis world have left it withouttasting the best thing therein.”He was asked “What is that?” Heanswered: Knowledge of the All-Mighty Allah.
  13. 13. This sacred knowledge has been passeddown from heart to heart. It is the countlesssacrifices of Rasulullah (S.A.W.), the Sahabah(R.A.), and our pious scholars that make thepursuit for knowledge so easy for us in thisday and age. The challenges they endured inpursuit to preserve this knowledge wereinnumerable. They have experienced days ofstarvation, pain, and difficulties. They havecried of tears of blood and sweat. Due tothese sacrifices, the knowledge of this deen ispractically handed to the Muslims right at ourfingertips.
  14. 14. Please visit us for ourlatest updates, and to view our online library.