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Presentation with Bekka

Published in: Travel, Business
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Twtwatw 1

  2. 2. WAREHOUSE 135• A unique hotel which will accommodate young urbanites and professionals who visit London regularly for business and pleasure. Our aim is to create a London base for them.• Bring the attraction to make ourselves an attraction
  3. 3. WAREHOUSE 135• Location: Shoreditch.• Shoreditch a creative borough of London where people do not just live there but they are engaged with their surroundings and society.• The area has a unique, artistic vibe and a character. Every wall you look at seems to be alive.
  4. 4. WAREHOUSE 135
  5. 5. WAREHOUSE 135
  6. 6. WAREHOUSE 135
  7. 7. WAREHOUSE 135
  8. 8. WAREHOUSE 135
  9. 9. WAREHOUSE 135
  10. 10. WAREHOUSE 135
  11. 11. WAREHOUSE 135
  12. 12. TARGET MARKET• Young urbanites and professionals, between the ages of 21-35, who visit London often for meetings and group building. They like the vibe and cosmopolitan character of the city.• Do not alienate tourists, londoners.
  13. 13. COMPETITORS• The Soho House• The Re• The Hospital Club• The Hoxton Hotel• Popular bars, restaurants, venues around Shoreditch.
  14. 14. THE HOTEL• Facilities-24/7 accessibility to be creative..20 rooms: single, twin, double, deluxe & retire…Cocktail bar, two restaurants-1 pub gastro-1 on roof restaurant.• Extra facilities: library, mini me gym, free wifi, mac and ipad suite within conference room, space for exhibitions, cinema, foosball & pool table.• Team building, exhibitions, creative members, free cab scheme equivalent, atmosphere and vibe
  15. 15. USP ROUND UP.• 24/7 accessibility• Base for agencies & non London creatives/ business peeps.• Free cab scheme equivalent.