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Blogging for kids under 13


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Published in: Education
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Blogging for kids under 13

  1. 1. Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages ZAddiel Gonzalez Sec.02 REg. ID 2013-30-1-0028
  2. 2. What is edu-blogging A blog (derived from "web log") is an online journal that contains chronological entries (or "posts") that consist of text, links, images, video and other media. Blog posts are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts first. The term “blogging” refers to the process of updating a blog with a new post. Teachers can use blogs to stay connected with students, parents and the entire school community. A teacher's blog can be used to publicize class events and share photos, taking the place of a classroom newsletter. It can also be used to update parents about student progress, post assignments and share instructional resources. If you want to create a private blog that can only be seen by your class, use a blogging platform like Blogger that allows you to control who can view the blog. Click here for more ideas on using a blog in the classroom. -
  3. 3. How to make blogs for kids Even if your child is too young to compose blog posts on his or her own, you two can work together to create something inspirational, fun and interesting for all of your readers. Try the tips below if you are ready to start a blog for kids. 1. Choose a Niche. Consider choosing a niche that both your child and you are interested in and can do together 2. Decide on the Perfect Domain Name. Ask your little one for ideas on the domain name. You want to select something that is easy for people to remember 3. Come Up With Creative Posts. Get plenty of input from your little one to make sure he or she feels involved and come up with topics on a daily basis. 4. Work Together on Projects for Posts. Do not forget to work with your child on each post. You may have to do most of the typing if your child is a bit young
  4. 4. Bibliography FIORIELLO, D. 4 Ways to Start a Blog for Kids En el texto: (Fioriello, 2016) Bibliografía: Fioriello, D. (2016). 4 Ways to Start a Blog for Kids. Kids Learn To Blog. Retrieved 11 June 2016
  5. 5. Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for kids under 13 years. Advantages. 1. Improve Writing Skills 2. Increase Communication 3. Global Citizens Disadvantages. 1. Privacy and Security Concerns
  6. 6. 21 st century skills that blogging promotes in young students. Blogging promote the 21st skill in a way that all of them could be together just with one post, let's summarize it, critical thinking is clearly the main reason to use blog as a educational tool because they could be providing what the students think or their reaction about a post in specific, also creativity will be shown because the learner will be able to demonstrate how well he could organize his ideas and communicate himself clearly. Collaboration