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  2. 2. ■Open-source JavaScript framework. ■Developed in 2009 by Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons. ■Maintained by Google. ■Browser Based (Client Side JavaScript) MVC WHAT IS ANGULARJS ?
  3. 3. Current State of Browser And Web Application Development User :) Developer :( Complexity Kills
  4. 4. HTML is great for static pages, but when it come to web applications its doesnt mold well (Dynamic Contents, Animations). This gap is filled by various JavaScript Libraries, As a result the more functionalities you add , you are bringing more JS. Nothing Bad in this Concept , but imagine if html elements declaratively apply for logic and functions, then WHY ANGULARJS ? ❖Our html code would be self documenting itself ❖High Amount of Reduction in JavaScript Code ❖Easy for Maintaining and Extending
  5. 5. Wow Less JavaScript Less Headache, But Wait Aren’t We talking about a JavaScript Framework ??
  6. 6. Before Going in And Digging Much More into AngularJS, just take a note of its competitors or fellow MVC Javascript FrameWorks. Have Listed Just 4 Popular Ones , there are few more
  7. 7. Additional Benefits of Using AngularJS ❖Less Boilerplate code ❖Separation of concerns ❖Uses JQLite (a subset of jQuery) for DOM manipulation, if we include jQuery before AngularJS , it will be used instead of JQLite ❖Testing is a First Class Citizen ❖Validation and Dependency Injection ❖Two Way Data Binding ( And Many More …………….)
  8. 8. Two Way Data Binding ❖View is updated automatically when model is changed. ❖Model is updated automatically when a value in view has changed.
  9. 9. Too Much Of Concepts till now.… Lets Break the Ice With Some Coding
  10. 10. DIRECTIVE AND DATA BINDING DIRECTIVE ❖Teaching HTML New Tricks . ❖Adding New Custom HTML Elements, Attributes, Classes And Comments Which will perform Special Functions ❖We have default directives and custom directives
  11. 11. ng-repeat
  12. 12. FILTERS
  14. 14. ng-controller
  15. 15. Lets Hit the Code More Concepts To come in Demo App