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Apresentação OpenERP

  1. 1. The Open ERP effect...RichardsSuccess
  2. 2. Richard is abrilliant manager...
  3. 3. he founded his manufacturingcompany in 1985...
  4. 4. In 2000 he reached45 employees
  5. 5. In 2000 he reached45 employees...to fulfill 4500 orders a day = 100 orders / employee
  6. 6. This is George,Richards CFO
  7. 7. George likes his Accountingsoftware...
  8. 8. But he wastes hours each day on...
  9. 9. But he wastes hours each day on... Creating invoices based on data from their logistics application
  10. 10. But he wastes hours each day on... Synchronizing timesheets with his analytic accounting
  11. 11. But he wastes hours each day on... Encoding Refund Invoices based on emails from after-sales services
  12. 12. But he wastes hours each day on... Preparing consolidated reporting for Richard
  13. 13. But he wastes hours each day on... Pushing documents to their internal Document Management System
  14. 14. But he wastes hours each day on...Processing payments through bank interfaces...
  15. 15. So it is for all other employees on their respective applications.
  16. 16. Richards IT infrastructure exploded in a few years...
  17. 17. In 2006 they reached 90 employees...but they fulfill only 5000 orders a day = 55 orders per employee
  18. 18. The overhead makes them fulfill 45%fewer orders per employee than they did6 years ago !That growth makes Richards marginsdecrease !
  19. 19. Tina is theHR ManagerHer business lifebecame difficult whenthe company grewto 90 people in 2007.
  20. 20. So she asked Richard fornew software to manageemployees leave and holidays.
  21. 21. Richard was afraid of this request because,to be efficient this new software should: • Process data from employees timesheets • Integrate with the project management system • Integrate with the payroll software • Display holidays in the enterprise shared calendar
  22. 22. Richard thought it was time to go for acompletely new strategy for their IT structure.So, he integrated : They activated the “holidays” module only for an easy and quick integration.
  23. 23. His motivation was due to:• License : 0$• Starting costs for On Demand: 0$• One software to fit all business needs• 350+ integrated modules• Fully Open Source
  24. 24. The new infrastructure looked like this...Annual Maintenance: 45.000 $Annual Licenses: 39.000 $
  25. 25. Tina was so happy with herHR management system thatRichard decided to useother modules from Open ERP.
  26. 26. They first activated the CRM modulesto replace Ms. Dynamics CRMAnnual Maintenance: 45.000 $Annual Licenses: 39.000 $
  27. 27. They first activated the CRM modulesto replace Ms. Dynamics CRMAnnual Maintenance: 40.000 $Annual Licenses: 33.000 $
  28. 28. Then, they activated modules formanufacturing, sales, BI and projectsAnnual Maintenance: 20.000 $Annual Licenses: 13.000 $
  29. 29. Then, they activated modules foraccounting and human resources mgt.Annual Maintenance: 12.000 $Annual Licenses: 7.000 $
  30. 30. And they did the same for allother services in 2008.Their new infrastructure looks like......
  31. 31. A fully integrated management system:Annual Maintenance: 10.000 $Annual Licenses: 0 $
  32. 32. Now Richard is ahappy manager... He reduced licenses and maintenance costs to 1/8 of their previous cost !
  33. 33. ... he has a system that can evolve with his companys needs... And employees recurring tasks have been reduced by 40% due to integration and automation.
  34. 34. And all of this while keeping and improving his visibility and control of all the enterprise processes
  35. 35. And Tina likes his new way of working...She has a unique and integratedsystem for the shared calendar,the vacation management, theplanning, ...
  36. 36. This allowed the company to grow quickly,while keeping and controlling its efficiency
  37. 37. And Richard was able to launch newoff-shored organizations in only 2 weeks.He controls all offices from one system.
  38. 38. And to extend their new way of working to suppliers and customers, Richard activated Open ERPs portals
  39. 39. ... all customer and supplier processes are fully integrated with the Company.
  40. 40. There are thousands of companies like Richards ...If you want to be one of them, check:http://www.multibase.ptTo discover Richards customers, check: Customers in Action