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Bear gage


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Bear gage

  1. 1. Black Bear BY Gage
  2. 2. Black bear clawsBlack bear claws 4 inches long uses his claws to catch fish
  3. 3. Black bear scratching back
  4. 4. Black bear siting on a rock
  5. 5. Dead black bearThis is why black bear population is going down people . Adult black bear way
  6. 6. The black bear uses its claws to catch its pray.The black bear puts its claws and puts its claws in to the tree to mark its territory .
  7. 7. Baby black bear laying down com
  8. 8. Black bear got stuck in bucket
  9. 9. What not to do when around a black bear• People when you see a Black bear don’t run just walk com and it wont attack you . If you run or scream it will attack you and you cant out run it because a full grown black bear can reach up to forty miles per hour and I don’t think any one can run that fast . The Black bear claws are 4 inches long and it can kill any thing and any one . The black bear needs 20,000 colliers a day did you now that if you didnt well now you do now ok. The reason why the black bear are endangered is because people are scared or the black bear they are more scared of you then you are scared them.