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Save our students! presentation


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Save our students! presentation

  1. 1. Good Afternoon!
  2. 2. What we are going to talk:The flaws ofeducationsystem inIndonesiaThe negativeimpact fromthegovernment’spolicyWhatgovernmentcan do toovercomethe problemWhat we cando ascivilians
  3. 3. The flaws of the education system• The distortion of the goal• The standard of the score is too high• National exam• Too many people in a class• Too many subjects to learn
  4. 4. The effect to the student’sphysical• The policy makes students tired andbe susceptible to get diseases
  5. 5. • Based on the analysis in a class of awell-known high school, from 34students in that class, 85% of themadmit that they are absent mostlybecause of sick.
  6. 6. The effects to student’s mental• Easily to get depressed• Make them brave to end their lives
  7. 7. What government can do toovercome the problems1. Straighten the goal of the system2. Delete the National Exam3. Change the concept of majoring system4. Less students in a class5. Implant the education of characterbuilding is also important
  8. 8. What can we do now?• express your opinion in front ofpublic:1. Write it on the newspaper orwrite a letter to government2. Come to government’srepresentative• Make an organization to collectpeople’s arguments and deliver itto the representative.