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  1. 1. Shrinking Away
  2. 2. Problem Which fruit, orange,apple, or banana, will lose the most weightwhen it is dehydrated?
  3. 3. Materials 10 Cara cara Oranges 10 Del Monte Banana parent supervision 10 Johngold Apples paper towels Scale oven tray (11x17) timer on oven oven with a timer tinfoil peeler
  4. 4. HypothesisThe orange will dehydrate the mostbecause it has 87% water, which is thehighest water percentage.
  5. 5. 1) 4)2) 5)3)
  6. 6. Results The results of this experiment is that the fruit oranges, apples, and banana was in the oven for three hours. The fruit that dehydrated the most was the banana. The banana loss the highest amount 22.75. Then the apple loss thesecond most amount which is 17.1% and the last one was orange which was 10.34%.
  7. 7. Links for more informationwww.worldbookonline.com