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Presentation 1

  1. 1. Grow up!
  2. 2. ProblemWhich Liquid, Milk or Water, will make a pea plant grow faster
  3. 3. HypothesisBased on the research water will make a Pea plant grow faster
  4. 4. Materials•Burpee pea plant seeds•2 egg cartons•tooth picks•Humus Rich soil•2% Milk•Water
  5. 5. Photos/Procedure 1. Gather Materials 2.make a chart to record your results on3. poke holes in bottom of each egg carton holder with tooth pick 4. put soil in each egg holder5. put seeds in half way up the egg carton6. milk the plants an half an inch of water once a week7.Water the plants half a inch of water once a week8.record results
  6. 6. ResultsWater grew a pea plant faster than milk
  7. 7. LinksNo links all off of memory