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Content by query web part


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Content by query web part

  1. 1. Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  2. 2. 1 • What is Content Query Web Part?2 • Properties of CQWP3 • Imtech CQWP4 • Examples5 • Demo6 • References7 • Questions
  3. 3. The Content Query Web Part is a tool that sitedesigners can use to Roll-up content over several different scopes, anywhere from a single a list or library, to all lists or libraries across an entire Site Collection. Aggregate interesting and relevant slices of information on web page by letting you build queries through an easy to use UI Display that content in unique, configurable ways.
  4. 4. Content Query Result
  5. 5. Query section• lets me configure what content the web part will showPresentation Section• lets me configure how the content is displayed.
  6. 6. Source Section• lets me configure the source (SharePoint List or a SharePoint Library ) for my Query where I want to Roll-Up data fromList Type Section• Choose the list type to roll-up data from (This Option is dimmed if you choose a specific list as a source)Content Type• Here we can choose the All content types binded on a list or library or a specific Content Typeitem limit• Limits the number of returned items
  7. 7. Additional Filters• Here you can see the properties that are defined for the Items in the List/Library content type. So you can select the fields you want to filter by and set the value • Static Value • Value from Page Query String “[PageQueryString: XYZ]” • Page Field value Page Field Value “[PageFieldValue: XYZ]”.
  8. 8. Group By and Sorting• Sorting• Sorts the results according a specific fieldStyles
  9. 9. Imtech Content Query Web Part• Imtech Content Query Web Part is the solution for the lack of paging in the standard Content Query Web Part. Using the options in the properties of the Web Part, you can specify how many items you want to display per page and what the name of the query string parameter is, that holds the number of the page.
  10. 10. End of Table End of TableEnd of a table and <LI> End of a table and <LI>
  11. 11.  Main Container
  12. 12.  Item Style
  13. 13.