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How to create a winning Facebook Fan Page


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If you want to find out how to succeed with a Facebook Fan Page, this article will help.

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How to create a winning Facebook Fan Page

  1. 1. Its a fact... Facebook has beaten Google as the most popularweb site on the planet.With over half a billion users logging in to their Facebook accounts everyday to check what their friends have to share or say, its just insane tonot tap into this incredible market to market and promote your business.The best way to go is to create a Facebook "Fan Page".A Fan Page is just a simple page that allows you to post updates to yourfan base (also called fans, or followers), in the form of text, photo, link,or a video.Heres an example of a Fan PageFan pages are free to build, and you dont need any html knowledge toget started. Just login to your Facebook account, and you will find all thedetails there to create a page.The first thing you need to do is add an image (or a company logo) thatrepresents your business. You want people to know who you and yourbusiness are.Then you can add some interesting content to your page. Post links touseful articles on your blog or website, or give away a special report thatmay help people solve a problem.You dont need to be the author of an article that you want to share, youcan just link to other articles or blog posts.Never direct sell products via your fan page. Be helpful instead, offergood advice, so your fans will not "Unlike" your page because youconstantly bombard them with promos and offers.If you want to sell a product or service, do it in a unobtrusive, friendlyway. Nobody likes to be sold too. People are not stupid. You can forexample post an update that you are working on a new project, andwould love to hear other peoples opinion.
  2. 2. It is also important to not just let your new fan page visitors land onyour "wall".Instead, you should point them to a special landing page when theyarrive on your fan page. This is easy to do by using the fbml tab in theapplication settings.You can use any html editing software to create a landing page (wherepeople can get something for free if they "like" your page, works just likea squeeze page on a standard web site), and present this page as yourhome page to all your new visitors.Click here to download a free Fan Page Template that you can customizeto your own style.Make this squeeze page your "Welcome Page" in the application settings.Once done, you can add fans to your fan page by inviting all yourfriends, JV-partners, subscribers and customers, so they will know whenyou have something to share or announce.It only takes a simple click on the "Like" button, and they will be gettingall your updates in their newsfeed whenever you post something to yourfan page.It works like magic... try that with a simple email message ;-)Click here to find out how to create a viral fan Page.To succeed with Facebook fan page marketing, its common practice toengage your fans by asking them questions or inviting them to a pollthat you created. The more fans you can get to interact on your page,the more exposure it will get.Remember, when people add something to your fan page, a comment,link, photo, or video, all their friends will see this in their newsfeed, andas a result your fan page can get more traffic and new fans.The majority of Facebook users are very social people, and will visit thepage that their friends like or interact on... and many of them will alsolike your fan page if they find it interesting, informative or funny.
  3. 3. Once the viral effect gets started, you will see new fans coming to yourpage daily, without you doing any work... and your web site traffic andsales will grow on autopilot.Click here to get a free report on how to make $500 a day withFacebook Fan Pages.