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bennefit disappoin t  parallel tragedy
ecstasy platwrite  mischief shepherd
murmer  siege   despise   necessary
repetition  similar  develope  occurred
simily effect  preceding  doubt
beginning existence  prejudice  Septembar
ilusion beautiful  arctic computer
February phase  flounder gaurd
lose decieve  deceive  marriage
separate rhythm  ridiculos challenge
diagnoseis formerly  privilege advice
humorous pursue  affect hypocrisie
benefit disappoint  paralel  tragedy
flexable brilliance  relief  scholar
college critique  library questionaire
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  1. 2. bennefit disappoin t parallel tragedy
  2. 3. ecstasy platwrite mischief shepherd
  3. 4. murmer siege despise necessary
  4. 5. repetition similar develope occurred
  5. 6. simily effect preceding doubt
  6. 7. beginning existence prejudice Septembar
  7. 8. ilusion beautiful arctic computer
  8. 9. February phase flounder gaurd
  9. 10. lose decieve deceive marriage
  10. 11. separate rhythm ridiculos challenge
  11. 12. diagnoseis formerly privilege advice
  12. 13. humorous pursue affect hypocrisie
  13. 14. benefit disappoint paralel tragedy
  14. 15. flexable brilliance relief scholar
  15. 16. college critique library questionaire