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Re Assignment Ashley And Rhiannon


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Class Presentation

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Re Assignment Ashley And Rhiannon

  1. 1. BARACK OBAMA By Ashley Abela and Rhiannon Shute
  2. 2. Is there such thing as an inspiring person? -An inspiring person is someone who gives divine guidance. - Inspiring people do exist in today’s society and are there to influence us and inspire us to do our best and achieve our best. -Barack Obama came up with a slogan “YES WE CAN” (Barack Obama) that inspires and motivates all.
  3. 3. Can an Inspiring person bring meaning to others lives? -When you look up to an inspiring person you recognize their achievements they make you want to strive to do your best and accomplish all that you can. - Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States, the first African American president. -When Obama made his inauguration speech it made people feel inspired and made them want to have a fresh start, and gave them hope for change.
  4. 4. How has this person lived a meaningful life? - Barack Obama has lived a meaningful life because he has achieved many things. - he became the president of the USA. - always there for the people of America and gives them the support they need. - he promotes change for the better and brings more meaning to his and others lives.
  5. 5. Outline the major achievements of this person? -Becoming the 44th President of the United States, and being the first African American President. - Completing his Bachelor Degree in Political Science. - Becoming the president of the Harvard Law Review. - Becoming the Illinois State Senate in 1996, 1998, and 2002. - In 2004 Obama became the US Senate.
  6. 6. Name a charity or organisation that this person supports -Barack Obama generously supports many different charities that include K.I.D.S and CARE. - CARE is a charity that helps people overcome poverty and reassures them of their independence. - CARE has supported the lives of over 55 million people in over 66 countries. - They have helped people to regain their self-sufficiency and give aid to those in need.
  7. 7. How does this charity or organisation bring meaning to others? - CARE brings meaning to others and their families because they help to give them a second chance in life. -CARE is there for all of those people who need help and support and are there to reassure others that life can be different. - CARE has dramatically changed many people’s lives ,many of them are now back on their feet living a sustainable life.
  8. 8. How does this person live a life according to the Gospels? - he has lived a life according to the gospel because he believes in his faith - He teaches people and encourages them to make a difference. - He restores peoples beliefs and provides them with the guidance to lead America as best as they can together. - He ensured a successful and happy life to the people of America.