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American express social media campaigns


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American express social media campaigns

  1. 1. AMERICAN EXPRESS Prathamesh Barah EMBA
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION About American Express: • American Express Company, also known as AmEx, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Three World Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. • Founded in 1850, it is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. • The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler's cheque businesses. • Amex cards account for approximately 24% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the US.
  3. 3. Vision: • Their vision is to ensure their customers receive massive rewards in life. • Not only do they move towards their goal of being a flying partner of customers but also a life-ensuring partner. Mission: • Offer superior value propositions to all customers. • Operate with best-in-class economics. • Support the American Express brand.
  4. 4. Achievements: • BusinessWeek and Interbrand ranked American Express as the 22nd most valuable brand in the world, estimating the brand to be worth US$14.97 billion. • Fortune listed Amex as one of the top 20 Most Admired Companies in the World. • They are the world’s largest card issuer by purchase volumes. • Operate the world’s largest travel network servicing consumers and businesses. • Recognized as the most innovative company in their industry.
  5. 5. INNOVATORS: • AMEX was the first to introduce: • Plastic card • ‘Superphone’ authorization process • Magnetic strip on card • Premium card • Buyer’s Assurance and rewards programs • Express-Net - online management tools to track spending • Embedded Chip and PIN • Photograph on card
  6. 6. TARGET GROUPS • Customers • Merchants • Businesses
  7. 7. TRANSITIONS IN PROPOSITIONS • Don’t leave home without it. • Do More. • My life. My Card. • Welcome in (LATEST)
  10. 10. Customer cards: • Gold Card: To cater to the upper echelon of business & travel. • Platinum Card: Card for the elite target group. • Centurion Card: Often referred to as the "black card," which caters to an even more affluent and elite customer segment. • American Express has several co-branded credit cards, with most falling into one of three categories: • Airlines (Travel Cards) • Hotels • Retailers • Blue Card: Card aimed at young adults. Amex also targeted young adults with City Reward Cards that earn INSIDE Rewards points to eat, drink, and play at New York, Chicago and LA hot spots.
  11. 11. • Clear Card: the first credit card with no fees of any kind. • One Card: a credit card with a "Savings Accelerator Plan" that contributes 1% of eligible purchases into a High-Yield Savings Account insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. • "The Knot" and "The Nest" Credit Cards from American Express, co- branded cards developed with the wedding planning website • Bluebird: – It is a prepaid debit card introduced by American Express and Walmart. – It is being touted as having lower fees than other prepaid debit cards with some of the benefits of traditional American Express cards, such as roadside assistance and identity theft protection. – The card can also be used as a substitute to a traditional checking account.
  12. 12. Customer Services: • ExpressPay: It is a contactless payment system based on wireless RFID, where transactions are completed by holding the credit card near a receiver at which point the debt is immediately added to the account. • V- Payment: V-Payment is unique in that it enables a tightly controlled, single-use card number for increased control. • Global Business and Consumer Travel: It provides cost- effective travel program management, world-class customer service, and solutions for enhanced traveler productivity and support worldwide.
  13. 13. BUSINESS
  14. 14. • Business Cards: • A comprehensive range of cards designed to support mid-sized and large companies manage their travel and day-to-day operational expenses. • Examples of these products include: – The Corporate Meeting Card. – The Corporate Purchasing Card. – The Business Travel Account. • Commercial Cards differ from Business Cards as they enable company liability (business cards are issued as extensions of credit to the company's owner). • In addition, Commercial Cards offer a comprehensive suite of data and reporting solutions that help clients gain visibility and control over employee expenditures (Receipt Match).
  15. 15. Business Services: • American Express @ Work website. • Information @ Work, a reporting tool targeted at mid-size companies to give them quick and easy access to their employees' spend data. • In this, clients have access to: – Program management capabilities. – Online statements. – Reporting and data integration products.
  16. 16. MERCHANTS
  17. 17. • Merchant Cards: • Open Credit Card: This card was designed to enable for small scale merchants in order to help them out with their businesses.(Plum Card) • There are no annual fees levied, helping the merchants to make purchases through their cards and avail special benefits.
  18. 18. Merchant Services: • Global Merchant Services: It signs merchants to accept American Express Cards and processes and settles card transactions for those merchants. In addition, it offers merchants point-of-sale servicing, fraud prevention services and marketing, and analytical products and services. • Global Network Services: It partners with leading banks and financial institutions worldwide to issue cards and acquire merchants on to the American Express network.
  19. 19. COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES • American Express uses the traditional communicating channels as well as social media. • Their ATL strategies basically involves creating awareness about their new cards and services and constanty improving their brand Image in terms of the world class service provided by them. • However, in the recent years the company has shifted its focus to social media in order to engage their customers and focus more on youth centric activities. • American Express is doing a lot to shed its image as the card for the elite. In recent years Amex has worked with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, video game companies and other new partners to win the favor of young adults. • American Express is also paving its way into the mobile space. • They have also been harnessing Cause Marketing lately and giving opportunities to young talent to contribute to social causes. • Using latest innovations to create an unforgettable experience and deliver value to customers.
  20. 20. ATL STRATEGIES • Everything AMEX does is designed to engage their customers, merchants and their partners in a long-term relationship, one that deepens over time through the creation of value. • They make it their business to be “active listeners,” so as attitudes and ways of doing business change among the Card members and merchants, they understand how to position themselves in ways that serve and anticipate their needs. • Their goal is to create customers for life. • Hence they always look for new ways to attract, engage, and retain customers.
  21. 21. ATL CAMPAIGNS FOR CUSTOMERS The Membership Effect • Objective: • Education about the unique benefits and innovations available to the millions of American Express Card members and merchant partners connecting globally every day. • Date: March 28, 2012 • Target Group: Customers, Merchants and businesses.
  22. 22. • Description: • The campaign is the centerpiece of a broader effort that American Express is taking to educate its customers about the potential that American Express offers to connect people to possibilities through the power of its network, or "The Membership Effect.” • The Membership Effect campaign started with hilarious TV commercials starring Aziz Ansari and now American Express is working with Zumobi and MindShare to take the campaign mobile.
  23. 23. American Express Travel Cards: • Target Group: Customers, Businesses. • Description: • Helps make travelling with foreign currency easier and safer. • It is loaded with travel friendly features like: • Easy to use • Reloadable • Useful for managing Travel Budget • Accepted globally • Locked in Exchange rates • Funds never expire, no inactivity fees. • Exclusive special offers.
  24. 24. ATL CAMPAIGNS FOR MECHANTS American Express “Shop Small” – Small Business Saturday Campaign: • It is an American shopping holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. • They aim at providing jobs, preserving neighborhoods and fuel local economy through which the small businesses can thrive and attract customers.
  25. 25. PRINT ADS
  26. 26. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES • Their mission is to be everywhere the Cardmembers and merchants are. • To engage with them, service them, deliver unique value that's shareable and create seamless digital experiences that surprise and delight. • American Express joined the social media scene in 2009. • American Express first made its appearance on Twitter with the @AskAmex handle, focused on servicing Cardmember and merchant questions and needs. @AmericanExpress and the official American Express Facebook Page came soon after. • American Express has built its social strategy on service, and it continues to improve its implementation by taking in user feedback. They spent a great deal of time listening to the community. The community interests and feedback defines their strategy.
  27. 27. Facebook: • The organisation leverages Facebook with its viral “many to many” social connection to create more stories about AMEX than they could ever achieve on their own. • To exploit power of marketing to a social network with the scale and size of Facebook. Twitter: • American Express uses its Twitter account to distribute its content and also uses it to engage with followers and answer questions through its various handles. • Use community manager to interact in real time to questions inquiries by Twitter followers.
  28. 28. LinkedIn: • The LinkedIn page of AMEX caters to professionals around the world. • Promotes products and services provided by AMEX to the followers as they can be segmented. • Lists jobs as LinkedIn is primarily a recruitment platform. YouTube: • Go beyond core mission of enhancing not only cardmember’s experience online but also creating content that appeals to merchants & the youth as well.
  29. 29. Foursqaure: • American Express is using the location based technologies of the social media site Foursquare to provide incentives for merchants and customers to use the American Express card to obtain savings when they visit participating merchants and use their AMEX credit card. • It uses the foursquare mobile app to power the marketing campaign. • This strategy is also about creating crowd sourced conversations and stories on this social network of 15 million users. • By actively participating on Foursquare AMEX has built a sizeable network of over 65, 000 followers that leverages their brand. Size does matter and should be a priority in your social media marketing strategy
  30. 30. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS FOR CUSTOMERS UNSTAGGED: • Objective- Bringing both the in- concert and at-home viewing experiences to entirely new heights and build Customer Engagement. • Launch Date-5th August 2010. • Target Group- Cardmembers & Music Enthusiasts. • Campaign Platform- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  31. 31. • Description- – "Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express," features some of the music industry's most breakthrough artists playing at landmark venues across the world. – Tap some of the most influential filmmakers to direct the live-streams, and use digital and social media to connect the online audience to the live shows in unexpected ways. – The Series is scheduled to also feature a variety of surprise musical guest performances along the way. – Each of the concert performances will be live-streamed for both Cardmembers and music enthusiasts through the artists' dedicated VEVO page on YouTube. • Strategy- – This new partnership with VEVO and YouTube celebrates the marriage of music and social media. – The aim is to demonstrates the exceptional access that American Express provides to Cardmembers and music lovers across the world.
  32. 32. Amex SYNC: • Launch Date-19th July 2011 • Target Group- Cardmembers. • Objective- To provide couponless discounts on things they love. • Platform-Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.
  33. 33. • Description – In order to integrate all social media platforms together Link, Like, Love in 2012 was repositioned as Sync. – Cardmembers can sync their eligible Card with Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare, and when they connect using special offer hashtags or location services(foursquare) , couponless savings are loaded directly to their synced Cards – no coupons, no print-outs. – Exclusive offers from a variety of the nation's largest merchants can be availed using smart phones. • Strategy • Turn social media content into digital coupons by connecting Cardmembers to merchants and delivering real world value to both in return for social media mentions.
  34. 34. • Results • AMEX launched their genius ‘sync’ campaign in March 2012. • 9 days after the launch of the campaign AMEX and merchant partners garnered more than 150,000 tweet coupons. • The coupons were worth more than $1.3mn in savings! • In total, there has been over $12.8 million spent, and at least $2.8million worth of discounts awarded.
  35. 35. BLUEBIRD: • Objective: Introduction of hassle free prepaid cards in partnership with Walmart. • Launched: October 2012. • TG- middle-class and lower- income Americans eager to avoid fees charged by banks. • Campaign Platform- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digital.
  36. 36. • Description: • Bluebird is a checking and debit alternative brought to you by American Express and Wal-Mart®. • The costs to manage personal finances have changed dramatically in recent years. • Checking accounts that used to be free. • Bluebird offers an alternative and a better way to manage and control customer’s money. • It has many great features like Direct Deposit, ATM access, bill pay, Bluebird Checks, Bluebird Sub-Accounts and of course, access to membership benefits from American Express.
  37. 37. ADVANCE TICKETS: • Target-Customers. • Platform-Facebook, Twitter • Objective-Deliver unique values to Cardmembers & at the same time increase customer engagement on social platforms. • Description- • This campaign attempts at making the consumers feel privileged by offering them the exclusive opportunity of booking tickets before it is made available to the entire country. • They Use Facebook and twitter as the platform to ensure publicity of the campaign and increase in popularity of AMEX.
  38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS FOR MERCHANTS SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY • Launch Date-27th November 2010 (a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday). • Objective- Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. • Target Group- Merchants. • Campaign Platform-Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digital.
  39. 39. • Description- – Launched to support the local businesses that create jobs and boost the economy. – A national movement to drive shoppers to local merchants across the U.S. – The first 10,000 eligible businesses in the U.S. will get $100 in free advertising credits each. – Twitter offered $1 million in free ads for small businesses. • Strategy – Linked to the AMEX Open Card for Merchants and small businesses. – Improve the brand image of the Company & have a smooth transition in terms of brand re-positioning. • Result- – 350 small business organizations supported the nationwide initiative. – 50 Chambers of Commerce and 60 groups organizing events and activities in support of the day.
  40. 40. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN FOR CUSTOMERS AND BUSINESSES PLATINUM CARDS: • Objective: To target the elite customers and provide them with exclusive offers. • TG-Working Group, Executives, Elite Group (Merchants and Customers) • Campaign Platform- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. • Description: • The only product promoted directly. • Offers and Benefits it provides the cardmembers. • Facebook and twitter used for promotions.
  41. 41. #Aroundtheworld • Target Group-Travel Cardmembers (customers and businesses) • Objective-To motivate Cardmembers to travel around the world and make use of the facilities provided by American Express Travel Cards. • Platform-Facebook, Twitter. • Description- Cardmembers had to share/tweet the photos of AMEX logos from wherever they are on vacations. • Strategy- – To promote their travel cards and to connect with their customers across the globe. – To reaffirm their universality and global presence.
  43. 43. INTERACTIVE TV CHANNEL • Launch Date: September 2012. • Target Group: Cardmembers and Prospects. • Objective: • To allow the brand to be ‘always-on’ and promote its initiatives, even when more traditional commercials are off the air. • To Explore new digital avenues for customers to use its services to make exclusive purchases so as to differentiate American Express as a forward-thinking brand. • Platform: • American Express’s channel will be available for a year as part of a campaign with Mindshare and specialist interactive TV agency BrightLine. • The channel is available via providers AT&T U-verse, Cablevision, DirecTV, Dish and Verizon FiOS, as well as through Samsung and LG connected TVs. • Viewers will be directed to the channel via interactive commercials, banner ads, and TV channel guides.
  44. 44. • Description: • The channel features information about American Express’s cards and benefits, promotions, games and updates. • Both current and prospective American Express customers can interact with the content and the company estimates that it should reach 55 million US homes. • In addition to the branded channel, the credit card company has teamed up with broadcasters Fox and NBC Universal, as well as social TV app Zeebox, to allow viewers to use their mobiles to buy products while watching TV, what it calls t-commerce, (television commerce). • Games included Photo Hunt, which encouraged viewers to interact with card benefits and read real customers’ tweets. • The content will regularly refresh throughout the year to remain seasonally relevant.
  45. 45. • Strategy: • Less products and services promotions and more interactivity. • For American Express, its sponsorships of the U.S. Open, Tribeca Film Festival and its Unstaged concert series, means that it has more great content at its disposal and more assets to sweat via its channel. • Shoppable TV is an interesting area for American Express to delve into. • Result: • American Express reported that the initiative drove a 50% lift in card members’ perceptions of Amex as ‘innovative’ and ‘forward-thinking’.
  46. 46. TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL • Location: New York, April 2013. • Platform: live event and online. • Target Group: Cardmembers • Objective: To take the Unstaged Campaign forward. • Description: – There are multiple music-related activities. – Festival stages will feature special performances from current Broadway shows along with emerging talent from Tribeca. – Live streamed performance by Vampire Weekend. – Fans can watch the live event at – American Express Cardmembers® Get Access to the Best of the Tribeca Film Festival.
  47. 47. Popcorn Pop-Up: • American Express is bringing movie-goers favorite snack to the streets with an interactive mobile popcorn truck. • Collaboration with Brooklyn Popcorn, the truck will offer complimentary gourmet popcorn in five unique flavors. Fans will also be able to purchase tickets to Festival screenings. "Tribeca Now" • American Express teamed up with American Express Publishing’s Travel + Leisure. • It is an insider’s guide to the neighborhood featuring local recommendations on restaurants, shopping, services and other memorable experiences to help Festival-goers plan their perfect Tribeca experience.
  48. 48. Strategy: • Live streamed music series to celebrate the art of music through the unique storytelling abilities of visionary filmmakers. • Bring the festival to audiences around the city and beyond so as to connect with people. • Partnership with VEVO and YouTube, to bring its live stream music series “American Express Unstaged” to the Tribeca Film Festival.
  49. 49. AMERICAN EXPRESS CHANGEMAKERS • Objective: To inspire and assist entrepreneurs who want to take their ideas to the next level, pursuing leadership in social change. • Launch Date: August 2012. • Target Group: Card members • Description: – Highlights and Supports 15 entrepreneurs poised to lead the future of social change. – They are pioneers with solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges in areas such as health, urban planning, economic empowerment, and citizen access to technology. – These fifteen innovators attended the American Express Emerging Innovators Boot Camp, a three-day workshop in New York City. – Travel costs and expenses are covered by American Express in partnership with Changemakers. – Innovators will be evaluated on demonstrated leadership, the strength of their innovation and their potential for growth in the social sector. • Strategy: • Part of the American Express Emerging Innovators Campaign, which aims to accelerate and highlight the ideas of tomorrow's leaders through training, mentorship, promotion and collaboration.
  50. 50. A Seat In The Lap Of Luxury Objective: • To provide the right cardholders with a host of unique and enviable experiences. • To create an awareness about their upper end rewards programs. • Target Group: Cardmembers Description: • American Express joined forces with DKNY to create a special in-season runway event for Card members showcasing the DKNY 2012 Resort Collection. • The recent U.S. Open in Flushing, Queens has also given them an opportunity to treat users to once-in-a-lifetime incidents.
  51. 51. • American Express Court Curator, which gifted fans customizations for their trip to the US Open. • Strategy: • Concerts, fashion exclusives. It’s enough to make some card users think twice about the rewards parts on the credit card applications they let gather dust in the old mailbox. • American Express is providing unparalleled access to connect card members with the designers they love.
  52. 52. Live Events and Digital Offers at NBA All-Star 2012 • Location: Orlando,USA. • Target Group: Prospective customers and Cardmembers. • Launch Year: 2012. • Objective: To connect with its Cardmembers, merchant partners and all NBA fans to create unforgettable moments during NBA All-Star. • Description: – Live viewing parties for fans to special foursquare offers on NBA merchandise and access to private events with former NBA players and NBA legends for Cardmembers. – American Express will host NBA fans at Universal Orlando CityWalk® for the American Express NBA All-Star Viewing Parties. – The events are open to the public, and Cardmembers will have preferred seating and complimentary concessions available to them there. • Strategy: • Exciting events and offers at NBA All-Star 2012 in Orlando will help bring those fans closer to the action and the game they love.
  53. 53. MEMBERS PROJECT • Campaign by American Express and Take Part. • Started in 2010. • Objective: To provide those with a passion for philanthropy and interest in giving back an opportunity to take small steps to make a big difference. • Platforms: Online, Facebook ,Twitter, YouTube • Target Group: Cardmembers and Prospects. • Description of the program: This program encourages everyone, whether an American Express® Cardmember or not, to do their part by providing numerous ways to get involved, including sharing their passion for worthy causes. • It also includes-: – Volunteering for a local organization. – Making a donation. – Voting for a charity to receive additional funding from American Express. – Through creative banners, tell-a-friend e-mails and interactive widgets, Members Project makes it easy to promote people’s favorite charities and tell their friends about all the steps they are taking to make a difference.
  54. 54. INTERACTIVE MOBILE AD CAMPAIGN • Objective: – To leverage social features to create a personalized consumer experience based on interests and spending habits. – By engaging consumers through a personalized experience via social networking, they hope to gain campaign awareness and increase brand engagement organically. • Target Group: Cardmembers. • Description: – The mobile ad campaign creates a tailored timeline of images customized to each user. – The mobile ad campaign features an app within an app experience and incorporates video, user generated content, and social media integration that centers around educating consumers. – Based on responses to a set of interactive prompts in the experience, users create a personalized panorama that is tailored to their interests in shopping, dining, electronics or travel.
  55. 55. • Strategy: – With Gartner predicting that mobile advertising will be a 20.6 billion dollar market by 2015, countless companies are popping up and soliciting easy ways for brands to scale ad campaigns for mobile devices. – American Express has been paving the way in the mobile space. – To Establish a successful mobile campaign with the right vision, insight and creativity at the same time captivate user’s attention instantaneously. – Through true brand integration and rich-media mobile ads, to present engaging experiences that create emotional ties with consumers. – Use of Mobile advertising to drive that awareness and deliver relevant content. – Extention of company’s efforts to offer a new mobile service to help businesses and traveling employees quickly and efficiently change travel plans that have been disrupted by the weather or other unforeseen events.
  56. 56. • Receipt Match • Location: USA. • Target Group: Businesses. • Objective: • Description: – Send: Send in receipt by snapping a photo with mobile app, forwarding via email or uploading receipts form computer. – Match: ReceiptMatch matches Business Card receipts to their transactions by scanning the receipt for information like the purchase date and amount. – Manage: View and print your stored receipt images, notes, and transaction details from your online statement. • Strategy: Help businesses to stay organized, spend less time on sorting their receipts at the end of the month and manage their expenses on the go.
  57. 57. ‘HIDDEN TALENT’ DOCUMENTARY SERIES Launch Date: February 2012. • Objective: – To boost awareness of its 'Realize the potential' positioning. • Description: – American Express is using a six-part, branded-content series. – The ‘Hidden Talent’ documentary series, was co-created by Amex and production company Silver River. – It explores the hidden talents of ordinary people, including language learning, opera singing and free diving. – Viewers will also be able to take part in a series of interactive tasks to uncover their own hidden abilities. – The content will be hosted on a Facebook page, as well as a dedicated page on the Channel 4 website. • Strategy: – The campaign was intended to reinvent Amex for a new audience of affluent consumers looking to live ‘rounded, enriched lives’. – To provide an opportunity to showcase its brand message that ‘life is richer and more rewarding when untapped possibilities are explored’.
  59. 59. MY LIVE STORY • Objective: Aims to uncover the UK's best music experiences – the memorable stories behind the shows, in celebration of American Express' involvement in live music and its award-winning 'Preferred Seating' program. • Target Group: Cardmembers. • Platform: Online • Description: – It encouraged consumers to celebrate their most memorable live music moments by submitting photos or videos of their favorite gig online. – Twenty-one winners will have their experiences turned into a short firm, to be aired on national TV. – The overall winner will be rewarded with a trip to Los Angeles. – The short film will be created by a unique collaboration between director Toby Dye, of Ridley Scott Associates, and DJ, producer and recording artist Mark Ronson( United Kingdom) who will collaborate on the soundtrack.
  60. 60. • Strategy: – Engaging with consumers in non-traditional ways was the most important aspect of their brand activity. – To effectively involve consumers and invite them to share a dialogue with Amex and with each other, to create richer and deeper relationships with the company. – Their Preferred Seating Program recognizes card members’ passion for music and film, providing them with access to memorable events. – The ’My Live Story’ campaign brings this to life by celebrating the lasting memories and moments of inspiration that people experience through such occasions.
  61. 61. GEO-TARGETED DIGITAL TAXI AD CAMPAIGN • Objective: – To keep Londoners in the know with information about the hottest entertainment experiences in the Capital and to inspire them to enrich their free time. • Launch Date: March 2013. • Target Group: Prospective customers and Cardmembers. • Description: – London taxi users will be served with adverts on ‘in-cab’ screens that are relevant to their specific location in and around the Capital. – Running for one month, this innovative campaign will combine traditional taxi supersides with digital domination of 200 branded taxis and in-cab screens. – A further 150 taxis will feature American Express branding. – This digital geo-targeting campaign will deliver five different ad creatives that play on the in-cab screens according to the taxi’s location.
  62. 62. FIRST SMS-INTERACTIVE BILLBOARD • Objective: – To enable our card members to get the most from their travels whether home or abroad. • Location: London, UK. • Target Group: Prospective customers and Cardmembers. • Description: – SMS-driven interactive billboard, offering consumers "insider tips" about activities in London. – The billboards rolled out across main London terminal train stations. – Members of the public are invited to send an SMS containing their name to "London's Insider Tip Generator" to receive a personalized message on a billboard. – The message will suggest ways they can make the most of their time in London. It will also be sent to the user in SMS form. • Strategy: – To take their campaign “ Realize the Potentials” further.
  64. 64. TALKING MANEQUIN Launch Date: November 2012. • Objective: To promote the benefits of the foreign exchange services provider’s new privilege card. • Description: – Passengers at Delhi International T3 are being informed about the AmexJet card through a speaking mannequin, whose image is projected onto a glass wall located in the concourse. • Strategy: – Most passengers do not pay attention to ads informing them about new privilege cards. – That is why at Terminal 3 they did things differently. – This out of the box thinking did the trick and caught our passengers’ attention. – Owing to its location at the Terminal 3 canyon area, which connects passengers to the Security Hold Area, the installation provided the brand with maximum exposure.
  65. 65. LEARNINGS • Promote small businesses. • Tie-ups with small businesses (brick and mortar) around the country and route customers to them. • Engage more with youth by organizing or sponsoring youth centric events. • Theme based events for the target groups. • Innovative selling by integrating social media platforms (SYNC). • Personalized offers (Mass Customization). • Stress more on social media platforms than ATL campaigns.
  66. 66. • Increase promotions on smart phones (Mobile Apps). • Rather than direct promotions, they focus more on demand generation (pull strategy for travel cards). • Constant activities on social media platforms. • Make customers feel special. American Express addresses their customers as “ CardMembers” never as “Customers”. • Customer Engagement on a large scale through interactive campaigns as well. • Focus on Cause Marketing. • Have target group oriented loyalty programs. • Harness technology to enhance customer experience.
  67. 67. THANK YOU