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  1. 1. long ago we lost our grounding/essence
  2. 2. a hole is nothing but the absence of a certain part of our essence. .however to say we have lost parts of essence does not mean they are gone forever; they are never gone forever.. when you’re a baby, you have no holes; you are complete when you are born. .. A H Almaas almaas holes law:
  3. 3. ever since.. we’ve been trying to refill our holes recapture our essence reground our grounding with different flavors of
  4. 4. descola control law: the control of the stock becomes the central point inequity not on shift to agri but on stockpiling/accumulation.. whether thru agri or foraging.. the control of the stock becomes the central point precisely not interpreted in terms of the immediate ecological analysis.. but the point to understanding the emergence of social control/protection – Philippe Descola
  5. 5. the more we seek/cling to control/order.. the more our grounding/essence keeps slipping a w a y
  6. 6. then.. the easier it is for others to control us.. (in their similar efforts of reclaiming that lost grounding/essence)
  7. 7. we’ve got a lot of people.. in a lot of pain (from lost essence).. trying to cope by filling holes with their (or most likely someone else’s) (solving other people’s problems)
  8. 8. no one seems to want to let go of this
  9. 9. so we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors - Buckminster Fuller fuller too much law:
  10. 10. entropy suggests a gradual deterioration of a.. h a r d w o n o r d e r it may be that some brains could stand to have a little more entropy, not less - Robin Carhart-Harris Carhart-Harris suggests that the psychological ‘disorders’ at the low entropy end of the spectrum (ie: narrow or rigid thinking; addiction; obsessive compulsive disorder; depression; anesthesia; and finally, coma) are not the result of a lack of order in the brain but rather stem from an excess of order carhart-harris entropy law:
  11. 11. this control/order thing is why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity