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  1. 1. customer story:geotargeting enhancescustomer engagement a publication from
  2. 2. geotargeting enhances customer engagement About Perhaps better than ever, a calendar can tell more about its owner than any other item he or she possesses. From a favorite hobby or sports team, to a pet breed or frequent vacation spot, a printed calendar not only shows important dates or helps someone remember an upcoming event, but it can start conversations and bring together people with similar interests. Calendar Holdings LLC is a true omnichannel retailer, establishing its Calendar Club in 1993 and then quickly becoming the world’s largest retailer of calendars; it sells millions of calendars each year, primarily in shopping malls. Launched in 1999, brings together the world’s largest calendar inventory with the latest technology to create a successful ecommerce business. a monetate customer story | 2
  3. 3. geotargeting enhances customer engagement When you combine the ease of use with the help and support we get from Monetate, we really are able to create personalized website experiences for our customers. - Robert Gilbreath, Director of eCommerce Marketing and Analytics a monetate customer story | 3
  4. 4. geotargeting enhances customer engagement The Monetate Success Team sat down with Robert Gilbreath of to talk about how the specialty retailer uses the Monetate Agility Suite. How does use Monetate? What’s your favorite Monetate feature? Monetate gives a way to offer our customers a more The user interface is easy to use and navigate. In fact, we had a personalized website experience. Specifically, Monetate Touchpoints situation one year over Black Friday weekend where I was able to allows us to keep our promotions in front of visitors whether they’re jump into the system after having only used it a few times. Not only coming from email, search, or our affiliate program. But the true was I able to tweak an active campaign, but I was able to create and marketing power is in the whole Agility Suite, which lets us test actual launch a new one. It’s that kind of simplicity that is really impressive. website design elements without having to rely on IT resources, allowing When you combine the ease of use with the help and support we get them to work on other areas of the business that need them the most. from our Monetate Client Success Team, we really are able to create personalized website experiences for our customers, who often have very specific product interests. Graphics from the referring source a monetate customer story | 4
  5. 5. geotargeting enhances customer engagement Do you have any favorite campaigns? All of them! But if I had to pick one, I would say that the state-specific ones we ran this holiday season with Monetate LiveTarget are near the top. We used a lightbox on landing pages to get visitors to find a physical location in a shopping mall when they were outside the in-time shipping window for Christmas. The message was reinforced during the rest of their visit with a banner in the right margin. Depending on the state customers were in, they saw targeted state messaging and were taken to a state-specific store locator page. Monetate allows us to quickly add campaigns like this one, so it’s easy to launch several possible favorites really quickly. State-Specific Store Locator a monetate customer story | 5
  6. 6. geotargeting enhances customer engagement How would you summarize your experience so far with Monetate? Installation and integration was smooth and easy. The relationship We’re now using results from working with Monetate to make has been one that I would say is mutually beneficial, as we continue to permanent changes to our website. Some of these changes might have meet regularly with our Client Success Team and share ideas. happened without Monetate, but now we have statistical proof that they are changes that will help our business grow. Two years before we started working with Monetate, we underwent a successful replatforming initiative. In hindsight, if we had been working with Monetate before the replatforming, any planned changes that were part of that project could have been pre-tested prior to implementation on the new website and then testing on the new site could have been started almost immediately. With the help and support we get from our Monetate Client Success Team, we really are able to create personalized website experiences for our customers. a monetate customer story | 6
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