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Travelopro Travel Software


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Travelopro is a travel technology company that offers Travel & Tour Software for all travel products like flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages online for travel agencies and travel companies.

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Travelopro Travel Software

  1. 1. Travelopro Travel Software Do you plan to start your own travel company? With so many travel companies, maintaining competition is not easy. In addition, in this era of digitalization, having an online presence is important as more and more people prefer to do things online, whether buying a mobile phone or making travel reservations. However, simply having a website to make your presence felt in the online world is not enough, if you want your travel business to grow and generate revenue. To effectively manage your organization’s business travel program, you need travel
  2. 2. software and business travel tools that help you and your employees be productive and efficient. Travel software is the key component that acts as a backbone for any travel- related business. Booking engines provide a platform through which travel service providers can sell their services to the masses. Travel agencies around the world are gearing up to find innovative and cost-effective ways to explore the technological approach to marketing their products. It is necessary for them their own travel software grow in the competitive world. Travelopro offers award- winning, web-based travel software that gives you greater visibility, insights, and capabilities as well as business travel tools that keep your traveling employees focused on the business of your company. Travelopro world's leading travel software company providing a complete online travel solution to all travel companies around the world. We are providing customized travel software solutions from travel websites, white-label software solutions, XML / API integrations, hotel websites, online travel portals, booking engines, etc. we support travel business customers with innovative and effective online travel solutions providing customized online booking engines, best quality services and many more. Travelopro's Travel Software offers all kinds of sales channels like B2B/B2C/B2B2C, custom airlines reservation software, travel CRM, accounting software, hotel reservation software, car rental software and mobility solutions to global travel & hospitality companies. Travelopro professionally gives perfect services with local knowledge, expertise, and resources, working in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics, etc. We work with travel aggregators, GDS, channel managers and destination management company (DMC). We ensure the quality deliverables and fast turnaround to develop and deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines.
  3. 3. Travelopro's Travel Software is connected with third-party wholesalers in real- time, making use of default modules for different features like management and operational reports, and generates itineraries, bills, vouchers, passenger manifest reports, invoices and many more. It is the basic need of travel agencies to use our travel software to stand out in today's competitive world where pressure is given from regional players, mega-agencies and online travel companies. Travelopro travel software greatly features to automate ticket issuance.
  4. 4. There are many significant benefits of Travel Software. Five important segments a travel software must cover are listed below: 1. Multiple sales channels: Selling on more than one channel is a wise investment for fast-growing businesses. Multiple sales channels increase opportunities for additional sales as well as help expand your brand's recognition. 2. Inventory management: An Inventory management system is a state of art system to manage inventories through multiple sales channels. It provides real-time exchange of inventory data for complete point-of-sale control. Inventory management helps you and your vendors manage your inventory of hotels, packages, transfers, activities and car rentals with pricing and availability from a central location. Inventory management solution helps you to implement the latest revenue and schedule management technology, using advanced availability management techniques and dynamic customer identification. 3. Reservation management & after-sales management: Expand your business with a reservation management system. If you want to maximize your travel business, then you must use online reservation software, which will let customers make their bookings in real-time. Online reservation software has enabled tour operators and lodging providers, in particular, to enhance their travel business across the globe. Tourists from any part of the world can now access all the detail that they want through the company website and make bookings as per their specific requirements. This has enabled the customer to save time and effort, which were otherwise spent on making long-distance calls to make the reservation.
  5. 5. 4. Flexibility and Scalability: Every travel agency and every other kind of travel business for that matter is individually unique in terms of its size, demands, and business operations. Your software needs to help you meet those operations and demands and to do this, it needs to be flexible and scalable software. your software system needs to be flexible enough to handle unexpected situations. In addition to flexibility, your software must also be scalable. If your business is going to grow and expand, your software needs to keep up with your business growth. 5. Payment Flexibility: Last but not least, it is one of the most important benefits and convenience to your customers if your travel agency can offer them payment flexibility. It means you need to offer several different payment options and your software needs to be able to accommodate those options, whether it be by card, net banking, cheque, or cash. Traditionally, travel agents will book flights and hotel rooms for their customers, and gather information later after making their clients confirm reservations. But if you can offer your customers’ more convenient payment options, they will greatly appreciate it. These are some of the features you should look for in travel software:  Enquiry System  Last Minute Tour Reservation  Bill Generation  Ticket Booking  Hotel Booking  Flight Booking  Customer Relationship Management  Customized Invoice Creation  Payment Gateway Support  User-Friendliness
  6. 6. If you are looking for a good reliable travel software for your travel agency, I will recommend you to go to Travelopro.