A lte new innovation zte mf820 4 g modem


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A lte new innovation zte mf820 4 g modem

  1. 1. Unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE Modem-- A New LTE InnovationKeywords: ZTE MF820 LTE modem, ZTE MF820 4G modem, 4G modemOutline According to talk about the development and expansion of LTE technology, anddescribe the features of ZTE MF820 LTE modem.LTE is the focus of this year in Basel Fair, and ZTE data card unlocked MF820 LTEmodem is unanimously affirmed because of its compact appearance and long stability ofcontinuous work in telecom field, LTE terminal –unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modem comeswith the smallest size, and its volume is less than or equivalent to the ordinary 3G datacard.Everybody knows that power consumption control and stable performance of LTE terminaltechnology are always big challenges that LTE have to face in telecom field, according tounlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modem, ZTE have LTE data card MF820 realize 100Mbpsdownload speed and 50Mbps upload speed. Under continuous work, its hot is even lessthat normal 21Mbps HSPA+ data card. According to ZTE flat, unlocked ZTE MF820 LTEmodem has realized business video transmission online and can offer continuoushigh-quality video streaming for several hours, so you can get high speed by usingunlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modem when you watch movie, play games or do somebusiness.ZTE MF820 4g modem supports LTE mainstream bands of 1800/2100/2600Mhz, andhelps operators to distribute band flexibly, besides this, unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modemcompatibles with DC-HSPA+&EGPRS multimodal as well as provides solutions to theEuropean popular and lucky band 800MHz. Based on LTE technology, ZTE will alsorelease the full series of LTE telecom devices such as uFi, CPE, Tablet and smart phoneand so on in this year.
  2. 2. Since LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone) announced the release of LTE technology andwork on 1800Mbps band, LMT has recommend using unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modemIt is known that ZTE showcased unlocked ZTE MF820 4G modem in CES2012 and itsupports up to 100Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed, besides this,unlocked ZTE MF820 4G modem compatibles with HSPA+ technology, on windowsoperating system, unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modem supports 42Mbps download speedand 11Mbps upload speed, which makes unlocked ZTE MF820 LTE modem beat manyother 4g modem .LMT president, Juris Binde said: that LTE means a good chance for LMT and its potentialusers to use and experience the newest mobile technology, and LTE can involve newbusiness deal and entertainment idea. By using LTE mobile network, LTE users haveexperienced high speed which equivalent or beyond LAN network band.LMT firstlylocated LTE base station in Jurmala , next, the coverage will gradually expand and isparallel to existing 3G networks range area, you know ,LMTs 3G network has covered87%, by the end of this year the coverage will reach 90%, and I guess LTE will also have abright future then.