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Character ethos in a thriller 6


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Character ethos in a thriller 6

  1. 1. Character ethos in a thrillerCharacter ethos is what the characters show with actions usually rather than expressing it throughemotions. We can identify characters traits and personality though the characters ethos. As nearlyall thriller films contain a protagonist and an antagonist, I will be telling you how we could spot themjust by looking at their ethos.Protagonist; protagonists are usually just an ordinary person that has been caught in the middle of asituation and feels like they can resolve that situation by getting involved in it. They are also usuallyun-aware of the scale of danger they could put their selves in and hasn’t got much knowledge aboutthe situation but go for it unselfishly with out thinking of their own health. The situation usuallycomes all suddenly which means the protagonist is most likelynot ready to face it but also have noplan in fixing it, therefore everything is done during a short period of time in order to make the filmthrilling. They have to go through many obstacles to complete their mission in order to destroy theantagonist. By going through this process we can see the protagonist’s personality and their feelingsand emotions each stage whilst they’re going on their quest. The protagonist will need to have awillingness to stay alive as he/she will be in life threatening situations but also isolated so need tobelieve in their selves to succeed. The protagonist don’t even really have special powers or anythingto defeat the antagonist, they usually have just one special attribute which helps them succeed.Furthermore as they don’t have special powers they usually don’t even really have a status such as apolice man, army officer or part in any organisations which will help them succeed. They may havelittle experience but no real help from them and the help is very minimal but can have a big effect onthe protagonist’s journey. Therefore the protagonist has to act like a normal citizen and is onlyallowed to fight back if in need of self defence or life treating procedures. As the protagonist hasmuch knowledge of the situation they’re getting their selves into as much as the audience, it builds abond between them, making the audience feel as if they are going to be going with to protagonist toa journey to defeat the antagonist.Antagonist; the antagonist has a completely different aspect into the way the antagonist cansucceed in defeating the protagonist. As they are frequently labelled as the ‘bad guy’ they usuallyhave nothing to loose because of the situation they are in. they usually create obstacles and try’s tokill the protagonist in order for him/her to succeed and prove a point. They have nothing to loose, soeven if they die they wouldn’t regret it, however they have a lot to gain. This is the main reason whythe antagonist fights as they catch try to catch their opportunities to become bigger in what they arebut it wouldn’t really effect them if they didn’t succeed however want to succeed as they really haveno other purpose in life. The antagonists motto is ‘kill or be killed’ therefore they do a lot of that fortheir own benefit, even as the protagonist is trying to concur the antagonist, it usually is in a processwhich makes the antagonist stronger but also harder for the protagonist to win.