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What is genre


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What is genre

  1. 1. What is genreGenre is the term for anycategories of books, art orfilm, based on some set ofuniversal criteria.
  2. 2. Thriller genre Thrillerfilms, books and TV shows usually are based around a sense of suspense. Thrillers contain a sudden rush of emotions: suspense, exhilaration and mystery Often involves crime, good vs evil andA villain driven plot.
  3. 3. The ProtagonistThe protagonist in a thriller film is the maingood guy in the film, he is usually the firstcharacter you see. The protagonist is usuallythe leader of some sort of group orindependent that tries to help people. Forexample the protagonist of the harry pottermovies is harry potter as he is the leader ofhis group of friends and the “order of thephoenix” this proves he is the protagonist asthis group is to help others.
  4. 4. Sub genres
  5. 5. Political thriller examples Hidden agenda Enemy of the state Spy game The adjustment bureau The crying game
  6. 6. Psychological Thriller Examples Black swan Memento The machinist The silence of the lambs Mulholland DR.
  7. 7. Conspiracy Thriller Examples Michael Clayton 12 Monkeys Unknown The Bourne Ultimatum The constant gardener