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What is genre moe ahmed 4


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What is genre moe ahmed 4

  1. 1. Mohamed Ahmed 12UWhat is genre?Films use genre to tell a story line. Genre is helpful in limiting the scope for the viewer, writer anddirector. The use of genre allows the audience to choose which types of films they want to see butalso by categorizing it based on its genre it makes it easier to promote the film to the audience.People have different tastes in films for example someone’s might like watching romantic films overaction films or might enjoy the fear that strikes the audience in horror films. Because the audienceknow what type of genre the movie is, they can appreciate the outcome of the film more by knowingthat a certain conflict will be resolved. Consciously and unconsciously the viewer is able to relate tothe some parts of the film they are watching with other films they may have watched in the pastthat they liked and is within the same genre, which gives them a greater appreciation of the storylineand outcome. It might seem weird that someone wants to watch a certain genre over and over againespecially if they can predict the end. However from personal experience we know that audiencelikes to expect and experience certain emotions when they watch a film. Expecting to be thrilled,laugh or even be scared is a big role in the choices the audience will make when choosing a film towatch from such a massive selection of films which are available to them.Genre was first made to just tell a well-known story with some minor differences. However as filmsstarted to get more popular more films where getting changed to make them unique and original.The development of a genre happens over time and the plots are frequently shown however thereare changes made in order for it to seem like the audience are watching new so they don’t getbored. By repeating the genre frequently though out of the film it allows the film to be unique andstill easy for the audience to notice it easily. Every genre has different fundamentals in order for it tostand out and from others such as story lines, settings, characterizations, style, star actors andcreative devices, for example stunts or action sequences. Every time the audience view a film withelements from a genre it creates a certain disposition or mindset every time they see it. Thereforewhen the audience watch a film they expect to see the repetition of story lines that involve repeatedsubjects, styles and ideas but also an expectation for the audience regarding the characters andvisual styles they are about to see.