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Published in: Sports
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  1. 1. Ski Cross• In a qualification round, every competitor runds skiing down the slope.• The slope goes downhill, with ground and artificial features like jumps, rollers, banks, ….• A group of four skiers start simultaneously and try to end the first.
  2. 2. Half-pipe• Half-pipes are created using snow. Now half-pipes are made with a pile of snow and are molded with machines.• It is formed by two concave ramps (or quarterpipes), topped by copings and decks, facing each other across a transition.
  3. 3. Free ride• Free riding is Skiing in its most natural form, riding in untouched, virgin snow.• Free ride competitions consist on going down the mountain in the shortest possible time.• The jumps and each rider’s style also score points.• The equipment is also very important to be competitive and safe.
  4. 4. Free ride - image and video _1w&feature=related
  5. 5. Ski cross – image and video
  6. 6. Half pipe – image and video e=related