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GuideWithMe, offline travel guides


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GuidesWithMe is an offline travel guide, which recommends Wikivoyage articles related to your current position. Developed by travelers and for travelers, GuideWithMe is a great source of general travel info as well as off the beaten track advice.

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GuideWithMe, offline travel guides

  1. 1. All information you need From general travel info to off the beaten track advice • Get around guides • Phrase lists • Road rules • Local costs and taxes • Warnings how to stay safe and healthy • Restaurants and hotel recommendations
  2. 2. WikiVoyage data source All articles are vividly illustrated Data is constantly updated by adventurous travelers and aspiring writers.
  3. 3. Recommended articles Articles are related to your location The app shows articles recommended specially for your destination and travel location.
  4. 4. See on map Find all places on offline map GuideWithMe are based on map data provided by MapsWithMe, offline maps
  5. 5. Completely offline Save money on roaming fees Refer to the articles even if you are offline and cellular data is not available.
  6. 6. Get GuideWithMe