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NW Atlanta Strategic Plan

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Campaign2 rebuild generic

  1. 1. Northwest Business AssociationPastors and Community Leaders Campaign 2 Rebuild April 5, 2012 Contact: Michelle Uchiyama 404-274-2406
  2. 2.  Reverend Larry Hill  Pastor, Word of God Ministries  Founder, Northwest Business Association  Co-Chair, Community-building Coalition of NW Atlanta  Chaplain, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office  Founder, Northwest Youth Power
  3. 3.  Northwest Business Association Members  John Mapp  Gail Mapp  Barry Slay  Joe Taylor  Moric Palmer  Brenda Lankford  Pamela Cooper  Lee Blackwell  Josephine Clay  Brenda Lankford  Gregory Moss  Michelle Uchiyama
  4. 4.  Brian Williamson, State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs R. Bracey, Invest Atlanta
  5. 5.  With tenacity we BELIEVE, SERVE, LEAD, EDUCATE and TRANSFORM ourselves, our families, our communities and each other.
  6. 6.  That all individuals and families in northwest Atlanta have access to the resources that support a safe, secure, and supreme quality of life.
  7. 7.  To create jobs/entrepreneurial opportunities, revitalize housing and commercial infrastructure and increase the economic, social and educational capacity of the people in northwest Atlanta.
  8. 8.  Limited Local Economy  Atlanta Industrial Complex/Chattahoochee Industrial  Income does not stay in the community
  9. 9.  Deteriorating Commercial Infrastructure
  10. 10. Deteriorating and Changing Residential Infrastructure
  11. 11.  93.6% of families in NW Atlanta live in poverty 55% of individuals in NW Atlanta are high school graduates 25% of households have one parent 55% pollution rate 2 Aging Grocery Stores and Multiple Convenience Stores with limited fresh fruits and vegetables 97% Unemployment in some neighborhoods
  12. 12.  The Community-building coalition of Northwest Atlanta The Northwest Business Association Strong Church and Chaplain Commitment
  13. 13.  Atlanta Area Technical  Emory Healthcare College  Commissioner Emma Fulton County Workforce Darnell Development  City Councilwoman Felicia City of Atlanta Workforce Moore-District 9 Development  City Councilman Ivory H. J. Russell Young Branco  City Councilman CT Martin Morehouse School of  Neighborhood Planning Medicine Units-G, H, J, K Atlanta Fuel  2nd Battalion Fire Bankhead Asphalt Department Coca Cola  Zone 1 Major Quiller Charitable Connections, Inc.  Atlanta Zoning Enforcement  Georgia Tech
  14. 14.  Expanding the ground-breaking work of the Community-Building Coalition of Northwest Atlanta (CCNA)  Residents/Stakeholders coming together and expanding their voice to remove the barriers to living a supreme life  Educational Attainment  Workshops for Pre-K providers  Literacy Workshops  Entrepreneurship Programs  Economic Opportunity  Agribusiness Economic Opportunity Project Implementation  Special Services  Community Clean-ups  Community Gardens  Environmental Health Advocacy
  15. 15.  Expand the capacity of the Northwest Business Association through growing PARTNERSHIPS with  The Department of Community Affairs  Invest Atlanta  Private Investors  Banks
  16. 16.  Leverage the strength of faith and community organizations to:  Implement effective model program structures  i.e. Habitat for Humanity, parenting classes  Connect people to resources  Build a sense of community
  17. 17.  Worked with Georgia Tech Department of Architecture and the Georgia Conservancy on the development of a City adopted Master Plan Implementation of PACE Environmental Health Study with help from the Centers for Disease Control and recognized by the Civic League Environmental Justice Advocacy in Washington to improve our air quality
  18. 18.  Active Relationships with  Emory University – Food Policy Class, Medical Students, Photo journaling of community  Georgia Tech – Master Planning  The Georgia Conservancy – Master Planning  Morehouse School of Medicine – Health Research  Georgia State University – Environmental Research  University of Georgia – Leadership and Agriculture
  19. 19.  Residents and stakeholder Engagement  3 Community Festivals  630 residents  over $10,000 in sponsorships Pre-K Teacher Training and Literacy Training  82 teachers participating  Partnership with Rollins School of Public Health and Atlanta Speech School Production of Community Resource Guide in Spanish and English
  20. 20.  Establishment of Northwest Business Association – monthly meetings Active participation in the larger Industrial Community – FIB, CID
  21. 21.  Establishment of Strong Chaplaincy Network Strong Outreach connection from Trinity Presbyterian Church, Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, Word of God Ministries Strong connection to Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta Board connections to the YMCA Strong connections to Atlanta Public School System and local schools History in getting federal and county funding for youth programs
  22. 22.  Engage financial partners for development of a community grocery store Develop financial model and operational structure to rehabilitate 300 houses over 3 years Recruit 300 families for homeownership and/or cooperative participation Recruit 300 families to participate in Entrepreneurship, Urban Farming and Food Production training
  23. 23.  Become a Financial Partner – Grocery Stores  Result  40,000 square feet of space to be allocated for  Community Training  Retail/Shopping  Greenhouse  Community Garden  Community Clinic
  24. 24.  Join with NW Business Association Vested Partners  Automotive- sales and repair  Retail Clothing  Community Training  Community Clinic  Florist  Tax and Financial Consultants
  25. 25.  Join with us to redevelop vacant and abandoned multi-family and single family dwellings  Donate Properties  Assist with redevelopment financing  Work with us to Qualify Homeowners  Work with us to provide financial and homeownership training for potential homeowners  Join with us to access state loan guarantees
  26. 26.  Partner with us to meet our budget for operational costs Partner with us for the formation of Individual Development Accounts Partner with us to structure and fund our development costs for 4 grocery stores
  27. 27.  We are Committed We are a Community on the Move We have a Fabulous Team of talented individuals We have Strong Collaboration We are Working holistically on Social, Economic and Physical issues in our community We are able to measure our success thanks to tremendous academic support Great Visibility and Community Impact