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Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition


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Mobile Value-added Service (VAS) applications represent a key aspect to the ongoing success of mobile network operators and everyone in the mobile communications value chain. With core services, such as bear voice and data communications becoming commodity offerings, wireless service providers are dependent on VAS applications to drive additional revenue and improved margins.

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Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition

  1. 1. Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third EditionMobile Value-added Service (VAS) applications represent a key aspect to the ongoing success of mobilenetwork operators and everyone in the mobile communications value chain. With core services, such as bearvoice and data communications becoming commodity offerings, wireless service providers are dependent onVAS applications to drive additional revenue and improved margins. This research represents analysis of themobile VAS markets, and applications. In addition, the report evaluates market opportunities for mobile VAS,markets, mobile commerce applications. It includes market opportunities and forecasting to 2018 for mobileVAS applications including worldwide mobile games markets and the potential revenues. Our research alsoidentifies key issues and concerns such as security and privacy in mobile VAS and mobile commerce inparticular. We evaluate global market dynamics through analysis of specific regions and countries. Thisreport includes forecasts in the following MVAS areas: AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) PUBLIC SAFETYCONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKS (CDN) CLOUD SERVICES MOBILE PAYMENTSMOBILE BANKING MOBILE MARKETING AND ADVERTISING MACHINE-TO-MACHINE(M2M) WEARABLE WIRELESS SOLOMO GAMING MARKET SOCIAL NETWORKIN INTERNET OFTHINGS (IOT) BIG DATA SUBSCRIBER DATA MANAGEMENT (SDM) NETWORK OPERATOR APIAND APPLICATIONS Target Audience: Mobile device manufacturers Application stores/aggregatorsMobile network operators and their partners Mobile VAS application development companies Mobileinfrastructure and support service providers Report Benefits: Forecasting for key Value-added Service(VAS) applications Understand the role and importance of VAS applications for the network operatorUnderstand the impact of LTE on the supply/demand dynamics of data and how this impact the ecosystemIdentify key VAS applications that will develop new revenue streams and improve profitability for networkoperators Identify important VAS applications within each major area including gaming, LBS, mobilemarketing, commerce, and more Understand the impact of Over the Top (OTT) applications and how networkoperators can combat this threat to their business Identify the business case for key VAS applications thatnetwork operators can implement to combat the threat of OTT applications Understand critical MVASinfrastructure including IP Multimedia Subsystem, Service Delivery Platforms, Self-organizing Networks, andmoretable Of Contents:1.0 Executive Summary 82.0 Introduction 102.1 What Is A Vas Application? 102.1.1 Vas Characteristics 102.1.2 Relationship Of Vas To Other Services 102.1.3 Different Classes Of Vas 102.2 Why Are Vas Important? 112.2.1 The Value Of Voice And Other "bearer" Services 11Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  2. 2. 2.3 Survey Of Global Vas Deployments 123.0 Overview Of The Major Mvas Types 133.1 Content 133.1.1 Introduction 133.1.2 Content Delivery 133.1.3 Charging Via Premium Content 153.1.4 Online Billing Service Providers 163.2 Commerce 163.3 Communication 183.3.1 Core Services 183.3.2 Value-added Services 193.4 Applications 194.0 Mvas Applications Analysis 204.1 Messaging 204.1.1 Voice Sms 204.1.2 Video Sms 204.1.3 Ott Messaging 204.1.4 Messaging With Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) 214.2 Social Networking 214.2.1 Facebook, Google, And Others 214.2.2 Integrated Social And Messaging/voice Applications 224.2.3 Over-the-top (ott) Mvoip And Social Applications 224.3 Communications Control 274.3.1 Incoming Call Screening (ics) 274.3.2 Unified Messaging 284.3.3 Presence And Preference Management 284.4 Entertainment 294.4.1 Streaming Video 294.4.2 User Generated Content 314.4.3 Online And Multiplayer Games 324.4.4 Mobile Gaming 324.4.5 Mobile Tv 344.4.6 Integrated Home Entertainment: Internet, Tv, Gaming 454.5 Location-based Service Applications 464.5.1 Location Based Service 484.5.2 Mobile Location Commerce Ecosystem And Applications 494.6 Location-based Service (lbs) Applications 544.6.1 Public Safety 544.6.2 Social Networking 54Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  3. 3. 4.6.3 Information 564.6.4 Advertising 564.6.5 Gaming 564.6.6 Lbs Regulations 594.6.7 Location Commerce Functionality 594.6.8 Location Systems 614.6.9 Map System 644.6.10 Conclusions 654.6.11 The Future Of The Lbs 664.6.12 Lte Benefits For Lbs 664.6.13 Conclusions 724.7 Mobile Advertising And Marketing 734.7.1 Banner And Link Advertising 744.7.2 Mobile Couponing 744.7.3 Mobile Search 744.7.4 Direct Response Mobile Marketing 774.7.5 Mobile Advertising/marketing Landscape 814.7.6 Mobile Messaging Vendors Grow Up 884.7.7 Mobile Messaging, Mobile Search Critical Advertising Tool 894.7.8 Localized Mobile Ads Drive Key Sales In Specific Verticals 924.7.9 Mobile Video And Apps Is Fastest Growing Content Sector 944.7.10 Advertising Spending Growth Forecasts 2012 To 2020 954.7.11 European Mobile Marketing Will Grow Gradually 954.7.12 Europe Mobile Marketing Efforts Mature Slowly 984.7.13 Asia Remains Mobile Global Leader; U.s. Lags 984.7.14 Growth Of Mobile Marketing Spending Faces Challenges 994.7.15 Mobile Marketing Vendors Make Their Mark 1014.7.16 Advertising Networks Vie For Leading Brand Clientele 1024.7.17 Global Market Spending To Reach $54b By 2020 1064.7.18 Recommendations For The Mobile Marketer During An Economic Downturn 1144.7.19 Immediate Measurement Of Success Attracts Advertisers 1154.8 Mobile Commerce 1174.8.1 Factors Driving The M-commerce Industry 1244.8.2 Mobile Payments 1344.8.3 Mobile Banking 1694.8.4 Mobile Checkout 1744.8.5 Mobile Shopping 1754.8.6 Stored Value And Third-party Pays 1844.9 Mobilizing Industry Verticals 1874.9.1 Mobile Health 1874.9.2 Mobile Education 1884.9.3 Mobile Government 1934.10 Machine-to-machine (m2m) 209Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  4. 4. 4.10.1 M2m Value Proposition 2104.10.2 M2m Applications 2114.10.3 Mobile Network Operator (mno) Strategic Initiative Analysis 2144.10.4 The Internet Of Things (iot) 2184.10.5 Convergence Of M2m, Iot, Social, And Big Data = Huge Opportunity 2194.11 Mvas In The 4g Era 2214.11.1 Voice Over Lte (volte) 2214.11.2 Video Service 2254.11.3 Rich Communications Services (rcs) 2334.11.4 Lte Direct 2374.12 Enablers Of Next Generation Mvas Applications 2434.12.1 Subscriber Data And Management 2434.12.2 Telecom Api And Management 2464.12.3 Presence 2504.12.4 Identity, Personal Data, And Preference Management 2544.12.5 Location 2564.13 Next Generation Mvas Applications 2604.13.1 Augmented Reality 2604.13.2 Wearable Wireless Solutions 2794.13.3 Next Generation Social, Location And Presence-based Applications 2844.13.4 Push To "x" Content, Commerce, Communications, And Applications 2844.13.5 Network Operators, Api, And Third-party Cloud-based Mvas Applications 2855.0 Mvas Ecosystem 2875.1 Mvas Supply Chain 2875.2 Major Vendor Profiles 2875.3 Mvas Partners 2885.4 Mvas Competitors 2885.5 Network Operator 2935.5.1 Significant Mobile Operators 2945.5.2 Strategies 2945.5.3 Value Chain 2955.5.4 Partnerships 2966.0 Mvas Business Case Analysis 3006.1 Why Vas Application 3006.2 Charging For Mvas 3006.2.1 Subscription 3006.2.2 Per-use Services 3006.2.3 On-demand Service 3016.3 Mobile Video 301Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  5. 5. 6.4 Unified Communications 3076.5 Rich Communications Service (rcs) 3086.6 Telecom Apis 3096.6.1 Api Management Options 3096.6.2 Strategies 3107.0 Mvas Case Studies 3117.1 Sdm And Big Data 3117.1.1 Big Data And Mobile Commerce/marketing 3117.1.2 Case Study: Big Data Analytics + M-commerce + Social Media= Commercial Success 3127.1.3 Big Data In Near Field Communication 3127.2 Cloud-based Services Roi 3147.3 Wearable Augmented Reality 3167.4 Mobile Video 3187.5 Video Advertising 3207.6 Location Services And Brokering 3217.7 Services Blending 3238.0 Growth Drivers For Mvas 3248.1 New Vs. Unproven Applications 3248.2 Market Driver: Targeted Offerings And Premium Services 3258.3 Internet Protocol And Web-based Applications 3258.4 Next Generation Networks A Driver For Mvas 3269.0 Growth Prospects For Mvas 32810.0 Challenges To Mvas Deployment 33110.1 Impacts 33110.1.1 Impact On Existing Applications And Services 33210.1.2 Impact On Operations 33210.1.3 Impact On Partners 33210.2 Strategies 33510.2.1 Network Operator Strategies Against Ott 33510.2.2 Network Operator Strategies For Apis 33610.2.3 Strategies For Third Party Content And Commerce 33611.0 Mvas Infrastructure 33711.1 Fourth Generation (4g) Cellular Via Lte 337Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  6. 6. 11.1.1 Fdd Lte 33811.1.2 Tdd Lte (td-lte) 33911.1.3 Lte Advanced 33911.1.4 Lte Infrastructure Elements And Architecture 34111.1.5 Lte E-utran Infrastructure Elements And Network Architecture 34111.1.6 Lte Epc Infrastructure Elements And Network Architecture 34611.2 Sdp 35011.2.1 Evolution 35111.2.2 Benefits Of Sdp 35211.2.3 Soa 35411.3 Ims 35711.3.1 Ims Planes 35711.3.2 Ims Network Elements 35811.3.3 Ims Based Applications 36011.3.4 Multi-application Environment Issues 36111.3.5 Big Issue: Signaling Load 36311.3.6 Multi-application Environment Opportunities 36311.3.7 New Services Instruction Often Introduced Monolithically 37011.3.8 Oss/bss Impacts 37511.3.9 New Business Opportunities And Challenges 37611.3.10 Ims Market Survey 37911.4 Next Generation Oss/bss 38511.4.1 What Is Ngn 38511.4.2 Ngn Oss/bss: Components, Ims Implications And Frameworks 38811.4.3 Network Planning And Engineering 38911.4.4 Drivers Of Ngn 39111.4.5 Operational Challenges 39311.4.6 Ngn Oss/bss: Components, Ims Implications And Frameworks 39411.4.7 Challenges For Oss And Bss 39811.5 Next Generation Infrastructure Opportunities And Challenges 40111.5.1 Services Blending Requires Support Infrastructure 40111.5.2 Vno Model To Drive New Opportunities/challenges 40211.5.3 Trusted Versus Non-trusted Applications 40412.0 Mvas Forecasts 2013 - 2018 40512.1 Augmented Reality (ar) 40512.2 Public Safety 40612.3 Content Delivery Networks (cdn) 40712.4 Cloud Services 40912.5 Mobile Payments 42112.6 Mobile Banking 42112.7 Mobile Marketing And Advertising 42212.8 Machine-to-machine (m2m) 424Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  7. 7. 12.9 Wearable Wireless 43612.10 solomo Gaming Market 44012.11 social Networking 44112.12 internet Of Things (iot) 44112.13 big Data 44312.14 subscriber Data Management (sdm) 44412.15 network Operator Api And Applications 44813.0 Summary And Recommendations 45013.1 Dealing With Reduced Value Of Core Services 45113.2 Focus On Industry Verticals 45213.3 Focus On Sdm, Apis And Working With Third Parties 45413.4 Recommendations For Third-parties Working With Network Operators 45713.4.1 Approaching The Marketing Department 45713.4.2 Approaching The Technological Department 45713.4.3 The Hybrid Option 45713.4.4 Third-party Business Models 45813.4.5 Deployment Options 45913.5 Working With Managed Service Providers 46013.5.1 Technical And Business Operations 46013.5.2 Drivers For Managed Services 46113.5.3 Agreements 46113.5.4 Pricing Models 46313.6 Planning For Services In The Cloud 46413.6.1 Cloud Opportunities 46513.6.2 Mobile Services In The Cloud 46613.6.3 Case Study: Ibm Social Software On Mobile 46713.6.4 The Role Of Incumbent Network Operators In Mobile Cloud 46714.0 Appendix - History Of Mvas 469ResearchMoz( is the one stop online destination to find and buy market researchreports & Industry Analysis. We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with ourhuge collection of market research reports. We provide our services to all sizes of organizations and across allindustry verticals and markets. Our Research Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of reports as well aspublishers and will assist you in making an informed decision by giving you unbiased and deep insights onwhich reports will satisfy your needs at the best price.Contact:M/s Sheela,90 State Street,Suite 700,Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
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