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  • excellent activity for writing about the dangers of tanning
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  1. 1. Melanotan I might try I wonder that! n! how it oo I always burn works? s in the g in sun.......and m Co that's risky. Tan fast! No sun required! I'm lucky! My extra melanin absorbs UV. I'm less likely to get skin cancer ... and I'll have fewer wrinkles when I'm older. © Science Upd8 at
  2. 2. BODY TALK Dr Kay answers your burning questions. Question Question Question I can use the I've got a date I read about sun bed in my this weekend, melanotan. but I look so aunt's salon. They reckon you'll But I hear it's drab. be able to buy it on dangerous. the internet soon. What's the best way to get an Should Is it worth I go? instant tan? trying? Usher fan Roxy Good Charlotte fan I need you to draft some answers to these readers' letters. You'll need to know how skin tans. Use my notes as a guide. © Science Upd8 at
  3. 3. How skin tans Fake tan lotions Sunbathing and colour dead cells sun beds colour live Packages skin cells Bronzer stains them instantly of but washes off. DHA reacts UV rays damage their melanin with their protein (in 2-3 hrs) DNA and release signal are passed to give a brown product. It to all the molecules. Melanocytes Dead skin takes 5-7 days to wear off. other skin respond by making more cells cells Good: Instant colour melanin. UV Good: for healthy bones Live skin Bad: Messy, unnatural, UV lets skin make cells vitamin D and gives no UV protection Bad: Increased risk of skin cancer Melanotan Spray Packages of colours live skin cells melanin give Pills colour fat cells Cells pushed It contains synthetic skin colour up as dead below the skin hormone that seeps through ones rub off the skin and gets carried in the They contain dyes, like and new ones blood to every cell. Melanocyte Melanocytes respond by form below those in carrots, which get – your genes making 50% more melanin. stored in fat. control the type Good: weeks and gives of melanin Good: Simple to use Natural-looking, produced. The lasts 8-12 Bad:gives no UV orange Nucleus amount good UV protection Unnatural Most harmful UV containing DNA increases when colour Bad:byMay causeother cells light is absorbed skin is damaged side protection by melanin effects affecting © Science Upd8 at
  4. 4. Style secrets Dr Kay investigates tanning otan lan Melanotan Me Choose one tanning method. I'd like to tell readers more about tanning. Decide what you'd like to know Mel But what would interest them? about it? ano tan Help me plan the feature. Write a scientific question I I Follow these guidelines. could research. Decide which type of Fact Box I investigation I should do. Types of investigation Explain how I could I Carry out a fair test find the answer. Conduct a survey Tell me what evidence Test an explanation I I need to collect. Look up information Observe something How big a sample will I need? I © Science Upd8 at