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Our team

  1. 1. our team
  2. 2. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford
  3. 3. we are 2 men 3 women
  4. 4. we come from 1 2 North America Europe Asia 2
  5. 5. we work in 1 2 Sales 1 Marketing Management IT 1
  6. 6. First, the Ladies
  7. 7. • I am married and have 3 children• I have my masters in corporate communication mgt• I love animals and have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a guinea pig ( I see Julie has a super cute dog)• I love to bake• I love to read• I love to learn and would be a perpetual student if I could• I live 4 blocks from the ocean• I honeymooned in Italy• I work in sales• My birthday is November 3• Chocolate peanut butter ice cream is my weakness – heck anything peanut butter is• I am taking guitar lessons Danielle Heuer
  8. 8. • speak English, German, Spanish• know some Hebrew, French• work as a programmer• program in perl, unix shell, c, c++, c#, php, javascript, ruby, awk• trained as a system administrator• college degree in Religious Studies• some graduate school• live next to a river• live alone• have 2 dogs• embroider and sew• have accounts on Google, twitter, Facebook, Flickr• have several blogs• have been paid for writing• worked in a factory when I was younger• have a brother and a sister• am messy Julie Baumler
  9. 9. and the boys
  10. 10. Mayank Jain• I am Mayank Jain,• Pursuing Masters in Computer Application.• I know Hindi, English with an essence of French and German.• Loves to roam with friends. I am an IT freak, loves to explore new worlds in same.• I am an organized still a messy person. Stubborn at times. Witty usually. and loves to make new friends.
  11. 11. Mihail Falcuta• Im married and I have a 2 year old son.• Im interested in computers and technology in general.• Passions : enduro motorcycling, snowboarding, wakeboarding.• I have a bachelor degree in management.• Guilty pleasures : my wifes cookies and cakes. My favourite place : the Danube Delta.
  12. 12. other facts
  13. 13. dogs in the team 2 2 Danielle Mihai Jain Filiana Julie 1 0 0
  14. 14. goals or interests in the class• Danielle: Inspiring more creative problem solving• Mihai: exploring individual and group creativity
  15. 15. Thank you !