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Benavente Samuel


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Trabajo realizado por Samuel Álvarez, 1º A

Published in: Education
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Benavente Samuel

  1. 1. Benavente and area BY SAMUEL ALVAREZ JUAN
  2. 2. Benavente's climate The climate in Benavente is characterized by a mediterranean and continentalized climate, because of its altitude and its long distance from the sea. Winters are very cold (5 °C) and summers are very hot (about 25 °C averqge). Annual average temperature in Benavente is 12 °C. The precipitation is 434 mm per year. Rain throughout the year is fairly balanced, but is the months of july and augustis quite infrequent .
  3. 3. Type of vegetation in the area v  Vegetation in this place is abundant, specially there are plenty of poplars but also other plants such as oaks, holm oaks, fig trees, chestnuts, wilows...  People grow poplars to get timber for factories.
  4. 4. Ways people use the land The land is used to grow food for the people and the animals. There are also many pastures for the sheeps. The main crops Principal crops in Benavente are beet, wheat, oats, rye ,maize, vines(for the wine) and other vegetables such as the famous peppers from Benavente.