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Asm2018 7 young


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Forest inventory and analysis: Norhtern research station measurement error,

Published in: Science
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Asm2018 7 young

  1. 1. Forest inventory and analysis: Northern research station measurement error Alex Young, Gretchen Dillon, Ruth Yanai
  2. 2. Yanai et al. 2018 Ecosystems
  3. 3. Calculating measurement error
  4. 4. Calculating measurement error
  5. 5. Can we explain any pattern in tree diameter errors?
  6. 6. Production crews are penalized for being more than one class off
  7. 7. Implications for Making Improvements • There may be bias in tree grade due to the penalty for observations more than one “class” off. • We have shown measurement error magnitude, but the most uncertain measurements may not be the most important. •To see which measurements are most important to improve, we will propagate these errors in calculations of FIA data products (e.g. timber volume, C storage)
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