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  • Pen and ink 1979- the sky and clouds movement – movement and breezy day – hint title of sketch
  • Conte 1981 - background – mill- wheel buildings; foreground – ground – bridge water underneath – Sky line a T shape
  • 1971 – pen and pencil – subject matter – Castle- positioned centred off side back right – foreground – trees – atmosphere windy weather
  • 1985 conte, pen and ink - artist sketch book with notes – trees - remind him of details when he paints indoor
  • 1985 oil - a journey on a road through the countryside – birds in the sky- mountains in the distance wood/trees along the road side
  • Painted in oils 1976 – stormy sky, wreck boat on beach The sand/beach space has filled most of the painting. Triangle
  • Gouache top two image; bottom right pen and ink and gouache; bottom left – gouache and conte Top left –Arrieta – subject matter – the place bottom left – Arrieta moon SM – view and moon; landscape ; Top right – black hat doorway – SM – man in hat looking out ; bottom left – Pier arrieta with old house – SM – seascape
  • Subject matter – house in landscape – colour study – different blue – light for sky and with dark undertone ; variety of greens with hint of earthy soil colour sandy tan - blue/purple house- white space and burnt red brown roof
  • Colour study – tones of blue; purple; ochra burnt red Foreground – lake shore trees, tower- reflection on water - country side in background
  • Soft tonal pencil work – farm building trees behind; hay stack ; out buildings - Question 2 – hazy landscape – background painted with a wash lighter colours; foreground she uses stronger colours. Her palette – blue; hint of purple/lilac; olive green; khaki white; burnt red roof top
  • Vinegar hill Winter –1952 Tony O'Malley (done from memory) dark tonal value, atmosphere snowy sky, windy – no foliage on trees; cold Irish landscape - While Georgia sketch is softer in tone by the river, delicate lines grass trees.- warmer climate
  • Tony om georgiaok

    1. 1. Tony O’Malley
    2. 2. Tony O’Malley Sketches Breezy morning sky and crows, Physicians town, Callan. What takes up most of this composition? What atmosphere is been created?
    3. 3. Sketch of Kilcarberry Mill What is in the background and foreground? What shape does the skyline remind you of?
    4. 4. Burnchurch Castle, Callan What is the subject matter ? Where is it positioned in the sketch? What is in the foreground and describe the atmosphere it create?
    5. 5. Describe what you see and why might the artist do this? Inside back cover of Artist Sketchbook
    6. 6. Kings River in Spate What action might be happening in this painting? What colour is used most, describe its different shades?
    7. 7. Haitian boat, Bahamas Describe the sky, what might be happening here? What is the area in this painting ? What shape is it?
    8. 8. Lanzarote Describe the subject matter in each painting. Give each painting your own title.
    9. 9. Georgia O’Keeffe
    10. 10. What is the subject matter here? List the colours that the artist would use in a colour study for this painting Georgia O’Keeffe sketch with notes and painting of the subject matter
    11. 11. List the colours in this study ? Name what is in the foreground of this sketch. What is happening with the subject in the middle ?
    12. 12. Describe this sketch look at the tonal quality How does the artist create distance in this painting? What colour does she use?
    13. 13. Compare and contrast the two artists work <ul><li>Georgia O’Keeffe </li></ul><ul><li>Tony O’Malley </li></ul>Look at subject matter; use of material/ medium/ atmosphere