The match first draft


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The match first draft

  1. 1. EXT.FOOTBALL PITCH.DAY a sombre grey sky spills its water steadily. The sounds of shouting and a ball being kicked can be heard. God like music (opera) GEOFF (O/S) Hello and welcome to a glorious day of football here today, I'm Geoff Shreeves and I am very excited for this match. Showing both teams lining up, sounds of shouting and football songs. GEOFF (O/S) I can only imagine the things that are going through those players heads at this time. The weather being displayed here. shows pitch. Shows shoes, kick off (whistle sound) Shows other team Inside goal, switches to other team celebrating. GEOFF (O/S) Spectacular Guy dribbling. (guy goes into a slide tackle and misses the challenge) Site of sandal flying off foot when kicking it. Player does a rainbow flick on another player. Shows guy dribbling and slotting it in the bottom net celebration, they are all happy, jumping on top of each other. 3-0 with hands GEOFF (O/S) Boy, do they need inspiration from somewhere. blackout (CONTINUED)
  2. 2. CONTINUED: (2) 2