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The match second draft


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Published in: Sports, Business
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The match second draft

  1. 1. EXT.FOOTBALL PITCH.DAY Very God-like opera music (plays through whole clip). two teams of players are lined up. This is CRAP FC a group of five players dressed in a range of different clothes, very much a rag tag bunch. Next to them is ACE FC a highly polished group of players in immaculate matching kit.Both teams lining up, sounds of shouting and football songs. a sombre grey sky spills its water steadily. The sounds of shouting and a ball being kicked can be heard. God like music (opera) A mottled astro turf pitch, caged in. GEOFF (O/S) Hello and welcome to a glorious day of football here today, I'm Geoff Shreeves and I am very excited for this match. Shows shoes of both teams, different shoes i.e. A parade of highly polished expensive football shoes followed by a similar parade but this time it show inconsistent pattern of foot wear (high heels, sandals) kick off shows ball,shoes still in shot (whistle sound) From behind, dribbelling down the pitch, takes on opposition and shoots, he scores.   Ball rolling into the corner of the goal. shows opposition players head's in and through the net. switches to other team celebrating. GEOFF (O/S) Spectacular Opposition of bad team with hand in head looking distressed. player running back to his own half. Two players hugging each other while the opposition is looking annoyed in the background ready for the game to (CONTINUED)
  2. 2. CONTINUED: (2) 2 restart. Guy dribbling on the wing, then crossing. guy goes into a slide tackle and misses the challenge Switches to bad team missing a chance. Site of sandal flying off foot when kicking it. Site of good team in perfect alignment, you can compare it like the military. Player does a rainbow flick on another player.  shows the feet flicking the ball, shows the ball in the air, shows the opposition mesmerised by the skill. Shows guy dribbling and slotting it in the bottom net. cheeky smile by one of the players. Behind the goal, player going past whole team, showing goalkeeper gloves in focus then showing player shooting in focus while the gloves are out of focus. celebration, they are all happy, jumping on top of each other. Opposition looking unhappy, montage of players looking upset. 3-0 with hands opposition shaking his head, intone  with... GEOFF (O/S) Boy, do they need inspiration from somewhere. blackout (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: (3) 3