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Starting with eFolio


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Slides from my presentation to teachers and ICT managers. This unit describes something of the benefits of having e-Portfolio templates developed for your own Institution and thus setting the style or ethos you want.

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Starting with eFolio

  1. 4. Notice this first group of slides. They are all for different institutions, all with their own logos, colour-schemes and menus. Yes, even departments or Faculties could have their own house-styles. These templates set the style and ethos of your institution.
  2. 12. However, setting up eFolio for students can be even more helpful. Note in this next series of slides, not only a wide range of institutions but also staff can decide how much guidance to provide according to ability levels.
  3. 25. For some seven years now, eFolioWorld has continued to expand and now has some 85,000 users across school, college and university sectors. Watch out later this year for the launch of the totally new upgrade with easy to use drag-n-drop editing and Web2.0 features.
  4. 26. E: [email_address]