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eFolio in the UK


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A brief description of the approach to understanding what an e-Portfolio is or should be.

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eFolio in the UK

  1. 2. If you were buying an e-Portfolio system, can you list 12 characteristics of the system that would make it good value for money and acceptable to a wide range of ‘owners’ and audiences?
  2. 4. Alright. Let’s imagine that you have now decided to invest in a system. What are the ‘functionalities’ that you would use to try and convince teachers, parents and students that this is a good thing?
  3. 6. Showcasing – via permissions to different audiences Customisation – menus, pages, fonts, graphics, avatars Gatekeeper – a ‘filter’ on what to present and for how long Mentoring – ‘academic God-parents’ – long-term support Collaboration – safely with peers in group-projects etc Favourites – my shortcuts or URLs organised graphically Personal Organisation – an electronic ‘Planner’ or ‘Diary’ Planning – both formal and informal, drafting or odd jottings Feedback – from ‘friends’ and teachers, surveys and polls Reflection – a place for quiet contemplation even confession Monitoring – a personal log of grades, comments, responses Assessment – what I do, how I do it – incl Multiple Intelligences
  4. 7. Wow! Looking good, getting excited? BUT who will use the e-Portfolio? Is it just for use within the institution? How many different ‘audiences’ can you think of?
  5. 8. I was recently asked the question, in relation to e-Portfolios, "What's in it for me?"  -  In other words, "What are the benefits of an e-Portfolio for me?"   My immediate response was to consider, well 'Who is ME?': the Pupil the Teacher the form-tutor the teacher as end-user the SLMT Governors the parent(s): the new school a mentor other collaborators careers counsellors extra-curricula tutors work experience employers OCR approved assessors UCAS FE/HE interviewers potential employers a suspension tribunal For an expansion of each of these goto:
  6. 10. E: [email_address]